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Batgirl: Joss Whedon Talks Directing And Writing Standalone Movie, Responds To Casting

Batgirl: Joss Whedon Talks Directing And Writing Standalone Movie, Responds To Casting

Earlier this week, fans got their first confirmation from a reputed source that Joss Whedon is all set to write and direct Batgirl. The news came from THR as they were able to catch up with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

“He called. A couple months ago, which he didn’t have to do and was super cool of him and super nice of him,” Feige said. “And we couldn’t be more supportive. We want to see a Joss Whedon Batgirl film be awesome.” (via THR)

Till then, Whedon hadn’t publicly confirmed that he would write and direct Batgirl. However, it looks like Feige’s comment may have encouraged Whedon to embrace his association with DCEU.

Recently, Variety spoke to Whedon at the Los Angeles Premiere for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. During their talk, the director was willing to share his thoughts on his new DC film project

“I have so many things to say about her [Batgirl]. I am very excited to see a girl in a cowl,” said Feige. When asked about casting, Whedon gave the perfect response.

“No, I don’t have my eye on anybody. I’m creating this character, I’m gonna dialogue with her and then we’ll see who joins that later on,” said Whedon. Fans check the small clip of interview embedded below.

There we have it. Whedon has finally confirmed that he will be writing and directing the untitled Batgirl film. However, we must also take note that the project is still in its early stages and there won’t be a lot to hear from it over the coming months.

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