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‘Batgirl’ Project Was Greenlighted Thanks To Joss Whedon

‘Batgirl’ Project Was Greenlighted Thanks To Joss Whedon

Batgirl is a project that many fans are waiting for. There was no mention of the superhero until a few months back when news came that a movie is being developed. Avengers director Joss Whedon was announced as the man behind it and now a little revelation has come forward.

Turns out. Whedon deserves a big applause as he’s the reason why fans in near future will be able to see a live-action version of Barbara Gordon in action.

Variety in its latest report revealed that Batgirl was nowhere even mentioned before Whedon pitched the movie. According to the outlet, the studio did not have any plans for the movie before he expressed interest in giving the superhero a live-action treatment.

Looks like he was able to skillfully persuade the studio since soon enough news about the project being made was revealed.

There are many reasons for why Batgirl can turn into a successful project. First of all, the hero has a deep history in the DC comics. Having been associated with Batman for a long time, DC has given the hero her own storyline and her own adventures to deal with.

She started off as a sidekick to the Dark Knight before she became a hero of her own. Then there was the unfortunate incident with the Joker, which set her off on a different course altogether.

Having taken up the identity of Oracle during the time she was handicapped set a new storyline for the character. Fortunately, in the New 52 comic series, she returned to her iconic identity post an experimental surgery.

Screen Rant reported that the development of Batgirl movie has slowed down especially because Whedon has taken over the directing duties for Justice League reshoots. He has been overseeing the movie and making sure everything gets done in Zack Snyder’s absence.

Maybe once the ensemble movie releases, Whedon will get back to his original project and pick things up. He has already given a statement of what kind of an actress he is looking for to portray the character and what she will have to do in order to do justice to this role.

No official plot or release date for the movie has been revealed yet.





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