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Batgirl set photo suggests Court of Owls will debut in DCEU

Batgirl set photo suggests Court of Owls will debut in DCEU

DC Cinematic Universe as we know it will soon course-correct its world-building in upcoming DC films with HBO Max’s Batgirl movie introducing sleeve of new characters starting with Barbara Gordon, the new caped crusader played by Leslie Grace. But to top it all, it seems like Gotham City’s secret society, The Court of Owls could also debut in the upcoming film.

Batgirl production is currently underway in Scotland, Glasgow with director Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah even teasing DCEU fans with glimpses of the Batgirl logo, concept art & more. In fact, production designs for the movie continue to go viral on social media since one mural artwork showcased Michael Keaton‘s Batman alongside Robin.

Now, a new set image shows a magazine prop used during filming for Batgirl which has a cover titled Gotham Tattler and its main focus, The court of Owls. The text outright calls them a “secret society” and the header text says a “former circus child star” came close to being recruited by them (Dick Grayson, perhaps?). Another such magazine prop mentions a well-known DC character called Vicki Vale. Check it out below.

For those unfamiliar, Vale is a journalist in Gotham City with an inclined interest towards Batman as well as Bruce Wayne. Kim Basinger last played the role in 1989’s Batman featuring Keaton in the titular role.  An earlier image from the even set revealed a graffiti piece referencing Dinah lance (Jurnee Smollett).

It still remains to be seen if the upcoming HBO Max DCEU film could explore the Court of Owls influence over Gotham. It could also possibly be the first step at establishing the secret society. One can only hope the upcoming Ezra Miller starrer The Flash movie from director Andy Muschietti will answer more questions rather than create further mystery.

Batgirl is currently set just for an HBO Max release.

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