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Batman Forever writer says Schumacher Cut has “more psychological realism” but is puzzled over how Kevin Smith saw it, advocates its release to honor late director

Batman Forever writer says Schumacher Cut has “more psychological realism” but is puzzled over how Kevin Smith saw it, advocates its release to honor late director

The limelight on Schumacher Cut since the screening by Kevin Smith has not gone unnoticed, or at least to one of the creatives that worked on Batman Forever, Akiva Goldsman. The #ReleasetheSchumacherCut movement received a ray of hope of its existence earlier last week thanks to the Clerks director, and although Warner Bros. has not shown any intention of releasing the director’s cut, the writer of the project advocates it.

The Schumacher cut exists and Akiva Goldsman has yet again confirmed it though the Batman Forever writer didn’t necessarily have to reiterate his statement. Kevin Smith showed the 2 hour 15-minute assembly cut at SmodCastle cinema on July 1 and audiences reaction, such as Epic Film Guys revealed the original version had better pacing, a darker and fleshed-out Val Kilmer‘s Bruce Wayne arc.

Goldsman recently spoke to The Playlist for his upcoming series, The Crowded Room and fortunately for #ReleasetheSchumacherCut supporters, the filmmaker was quizzed about the original version. While Goldsman remains surprised over how Kevin had the opportunity to get hold of the cut, the I Am Legend screenwriter revealed it’s a story there is “about 35% more psychological realism in it.”

Akiva also appears to be in the loop over the recent wave of support to see the Batman Forever director’s cut. Furthermore, he offered some more details on what the story is really about, “It’s really more about guilt and shame. But the preview audience didn’t want it — the world wasn’t ready. Joel’s first cut had all of it in, and the audience was like, ‘Yeah, we just like the part where the guy’s funny and he’s scary and the big thing…’ And so, it got cut down into what it is. And it was cool.”

Batman Forever writer wants Schumacher Cut’s release to honor late director

Deleted scenes such as Bruce Wayne’s encounter with the humungous bat in the Batcave, a darker adaptation of Two-Face(Tommy Lee Jones) & several other grim elements as addressed by Smith appear to be the sequences that failed to appeal to the test audiences. But the bigger question is whether WB working is on releasing the Schumacher Cut, sadly that is not the case.

“No, no – this was two administrations ago or one-and-a-half,” Goldsman explained. “And I don’t know how Kevin [Smith] saw it or why, but yeah, he’s been talking a lot. But it exists, you know. And I’m certainly an advocate for it being in the world — just for Joel, you know? Because he died and he died quietly…You know, there wasn’t a lot of honoring him and it would be a nice way to honor him, I think. And I think he’d get a kick out of it.”

Joel Schumacher never addressed if he intended the first cut as the definitive edition of Batman Forever. However, supporters behind it hope to see the filmmaker’s vision fulfilled, especially over the disliked campy moments in the theatrical edition such as when Robin (Chris O’Donnell) performed Karate to dry up his laundry. Readers can tune into the Epic Film Guys’ review of the cut & breakdown below.

Warner Bros. Discovery is currently struggling to see returns from its latest DC Films such as The Flash which has reportedly resulted in a $200 million loss. Moreover, DC Studios is yet to even acknowledge the possibility of releasing Suicide Squad‘s Ayer Cut, a movement that is just as large as the Snyder cut. On the bright side, Smith is expected to host another screening of the Schumacher cut on August 25th.




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