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The Batman Looks More Accurate To Comics In New Justice League Promo

The Batman Looks More Accurate To Comics In New Justice League Promo

Ben Affleck’s version of The Dark Knight received some early backlash when the actor portrayed the new adaptation in Batman v Superman.  But after all the shenanigans, fans eventually accepted him and also began supporting Zack Snyder’s choice of the cast when they got to see him as Bruce Wayne in the first Justice League trailer.

Unlike the previous adaptations of The Batman on the big screen, Affleck’s portrayal of the Gotham superhero was more accurate to the comics. Now, we have a new promo photo from Justice League which once again supports the statement.

The new poster reveals Affleck’s The Batman wearing his first cowl introduced in Batman v Superman. The usual attire worn by the Gotham superhero could likely be used to fight low time thugs in Justice League. Perhaps, after the introduction of Parademons, Bruce Wayne decides to ‘up’ his game and wears the more gadget-friendly tactical version suit we got to see in early behind-the-scene photos.

The promo photo was first shared by Twitter user DC Extended Universe. It was later shared on Reddit as well. Fans can check it out below.

Ben Affleck is expected to reprise The Batman for one more film according to his contract.  The actor had agreed to make three screen appearances as the Gotham superhero. But fans are currently concerned as Geoff Johns and Matt Reeves look to establish the Bat family with a trilogy and at some point create The Batman Universe (introduce all supporting vigilante characters) similar to the comics.

Justice League hits theatres on November 17th, 2017. Reeves is expected to begin working on The Batman soon. Currently, the director is taking some time off from working on War for the Planet of the Apes.

Source: DC Extended Universe (via Reddit)

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