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Ben Affleck Expresses Desire To Direct ‘The Batman’ Film; Evaluates Return

Still of The Batman from Justice League trailer

Ben Affleck Expresses Desire To Direct ‘The Batman’ Film; Evaluates Return

While Ben Affleck’s return as The Batman hangs in thin air, the actor, in a recent interview expressed his desire to direct a Batman movie.

Ben Affleck’s return as the lead in a solo Batman movie is out of the question even though he will reprise his role as Batman in Warner Bros. The Flash. While talk of Affleck quitting the DCEU began doing the round soon after his role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice met with heavy criticism, it was Justice League that confirmed his departure from the franchise.

Before the release of Justice League, Warner Bros. had chosen Ben Affleck to write, direct and star in The Batman movie. However, after JL too failed to make its mark at the box office, Jake Gyllenhaal or Jon Hamm was rumored to possibly replace Affleck. The duty of directing The Batman movie went to Matt Reeves way back when Affleck stepped down to concentrate on his part as executive producer and main lead.

Affleck, in a recent interview with Daily Sabah, was asked if he would reprise his role as The Batman or focus on other projects. The actor, without ruling out the possibility of his return said:

“For me, it’s interesting, and I always evaluate this stuff on the merit of the material. I want to direct a Batman movie, and I never got a script that I was happy with, so they are starting over and writing another script. And right now, I think a lot of different possibilities I think for the way the DC Universe could go, and I will just follow my interests in pursing that. And I know that I love working with this group of people, and it was a real joy for me to make this movie.”

Talking about Reeves taking over the directorial charges of The Batman from him, Affleck had during a panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, said:

“With Matt Reeves doing it, I would be an ape on the ground for Matt Reeves, nevermind being Batman. It’s incredible.”

Source: Daily Sabah




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