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Ben Affleck Is Back To Work, Rumor Says He Wants To Play Batman One More Time

Ben Affleck Is Back To Work, Rumor Says He Wants To Play Batman One More Time

Earlier on Monday, fans of Ben Affleck were glad to know that the actor was once again back up on his feet when his pictures surfaced online. The Batman actor looked buffed and quite fit which gave fans a ray of hope that he is indeed recovering. Now, it looks like he is finally ready to get back into acting as well.

ET has come out with a report that there sources say Ben Affleck is back to work after spending a month in rehab. The actor was spotted outside his home in Pacific Palisades, California on Wednesday morning with his rumored girlfriend Shauna Sexton.

The report says that Affleck is currently preparing for his next role after his stay in rehab.

Earlier at the end of September, Affleck was also spotted leaving the Warner Bros. studios in Los Angeles with a bulgy script in his hand. It was revealed that it was, in fact, a business meeting. Many speculated that it could be a meeting for his upcoming movie with Matt Reeves’ The Batman which could be true and he is likely also to be working another project which comes before the DC film.

Firstly, a reporting coming from Hollywood Life reveals that they have exclusively learnt that Affleck is interested in donning The Batman once again.

“He is back in shape not only for his health but he has a new-found love on doing Batman at least one more time again. He feels he isn’t finished with what he wants to do with the character. There has been talk about replacing him, but he is now seeing what he might lose and really wants to play the character again. Especially seeing what Joaquin Phoenix is doing with the Joker character,” a source close to the actor/director told

He would really like to take the character of Batman and visit a more serious tone and side of the character and working with someone like Joaquin would absolutely spark his creative juices. He wants to figure something out with Warner Brothers to don the cape one more time,” the insider adds.

In more news, A new listing from Production Weekly has revealed that Ben Affleck’s next project with Director Gavin O’ Connor, The Has-Been will begin production on October 22nd. Interestingly enough, the project is also set to be filmed in Los Angeles which could explain his time spent over there.

Just recently on Tuesday, The Batman actor was seen coming out a workout session in Los Angeles.  In the video below, it also states that the actor was once again at Warner Bros. studio.

Ben will stay in treatment for the foreseeable future,” ET’s source said. “He’ll continue to work with a sober coach, attend therapy and meditation classes. He is committed to his sobriety and is focused on his family and getting back to work.”

It looks like Affleck is more optimistic than ever after spending some time in rehab. Furthermore, he is committed to getting back to acting and staying sober.

He has been pushing to go back to work and has expressed he believes he is ready and strong enough to live at home,” ET’s source said. “Ben is eager to get back to work and he seems to be taking his sobriety more seriously than ever. Ben has made it very clear that he will listen to everyone’s advice and then make his own decision.”

If Affleck is indeed fit enough to start filming for The-Has Been project this October, it also suggests that the actor could be working alongside Matt Reeves’ for The Batman project. Though the studio is still yet to officially confirm if he will return to don the Dark Knight again, Affleck is still a producer for the project and the director also revealed earlier that he has been working with Affleck as well. This all seems to suggest that the actor is, in fact, making a return to play The Batman

Recently it also came to fans’ notice that Reeves has reportedly submitted the first draft of the script for The Batman. In any case, it seems likely that fans will get to hear more about the project soon.




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