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Ben Affleck’s Journey As The Batman Ended When Matt Reeves Took Over Project

Still of The Batman from Justice League/ Warner Bros.

Ben Affleck’s Journey As The Batman Ended When Matt Reeves Took Over Project

Finally, it has been confirmed that Robert Pattinson will be playing as The Batman in Matt Reeves’ upcoming DC film and fans are hoping the actor has signed a multiple film deal for the directors’ planned trilogy. Unfortunately, the confirmation news was the final nail in the coffin to anyone hoping the upcoming origin film would somehow tie in with Ben Affleck’s version of the Dark Knight’s arc from Batman v Superman and Justice League.

Surprisingly, a new report from Hollywood Reporter states that Matt Reeves never intended to include Ben Affleck in the upcoming standalone film. And neither did he have plans to make it a prequel story, keeping in line with Zack Snyder’s previous adaptation of the Bat.

It seems like Ben Affleck’s journey as The Batman ended right when he gave up his directorial chair to Matt Reeves. The War for the planet of the Apes director is set to write and direct the movie and apparently, the director was “envisioning actors” from the moment he began penning the script.

Unfortunately, the report does suggest that Warner Bros., Affleck and Reeves were only avoiding the inevitable and seem to have been waiting for the right moment to announce Affleck’s exit.

In more Batman News, Earlier this week, it was also officially reported by several trade publications that Warner Bros. has approved Robert Pattinson to take on the Dark Knight mantle in Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman movie. Later on, The director also confirmed the casting news.

The War for the Planet of the Apes director broke his silence on Twitter by sharing a GIF of Robert Pattinson with bat emojis–confirming the news that he’s finally found his Batman. You can find the tweet below.

Since then, an official Twitter account dedicated for The Batman has also gone live. “Did somebody light the Bat-signal?,” reads the first tweet.

The Batman is expected to start pre-production this Summer so it seems like fans’ would start hearing more casting announcements soon.

Source: Hollywood Reporter




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