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Ben Affleck Snapped With Script In Hand Post Meeting At Warner Bros. Studios

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Ben Affleck Snapped With Script In Hand Post Meeting At Warner Bros. Studios

Amid rumors of Ben Affleck getting replaced as the Caped Crusader in Matt Reeves’ The Batman film, the actor was recently spotted taking a break from the rehabilitation center to attend a studio meeting at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles, the studio behind his Batman movies, on Wednesday.

According to a report coming from TMZ, Affleck was seen holding a stack of papers, likely a script, in his hand at the Warner Bros. office. He was wearing a blue T-shirt, a zip-up jacket, navy shorts, a gray baseball hat, and black sneakers. It remains unclear what the script or the papers were for.

This is not the first time that The Justice League actor has been snapped outside of his treatment facility.  He stepped out earlier to make basketball sessions with his coach at his Los Angeles home.

Notably, the actor has been going treatment at the Malibu rehab center for the last 30 days and is likely to stay a while longer. This is Affleck’s third rehab stint. It was his estranged wife, Jennifer Garner, who drove him to rehab on Aug. 22.

The meeting with the WB people has added fuel to rumors of Ben Affleck reprising his role as the Dark Knight in the upcoming The Batman film. But, as nothing is confirmed yet, we would advise our readers to take the information with a big pinch of salt.

It is also possible that Affleck had meetings with the studio about another project he is set to star in and is expected to begin filming before The Batman. Gavin O’ Connor’s The Has-Been movie which centers over a Former high school basketball superstar battling his addiction with alcoholism was reportedly set to begin production on October 25.

Talking more about the Batman film, it was recently reported that WB has given a green light to Reeves’ first draft of The Batman script and the studio is hoping to begin the film’s production work in 2019, possibly filming in the summer.

With the film’s draft and production schedule getting finalized, it is likely that information on the film’s cast, especially the lead, will be announced very soon.

Do you want to see Ben Affleck reprising his role in The Batman film? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: TMZ




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