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Ben Affleck In Talks To Return For ‘The Accountant’ Sequel, Details

Ben Affleck In Talks To Return For ‘The Accountant’ Sequel, Details

It looks like the success of The Accountant has encouraged Warner Bros. to make plans for a sequel. Moreover, the studio also looks to bring in its main big gun Ben Affleck to play the main character again.

According to Deadline, Affleck along with Director Gavin O’Connor and Screenwriter Bill Dubuque are currently in talks to reprise their roles for the sequel. Warner Bros. is also looping in other producers such as Lynette Howell Taylor and Mark Williams from the original film for a return as well.

The studio plans to bring back the team and later discuss the story for the sequel. Furthermore, fans would also be happy to know that Jon Bernthal would also likely make a comeback as his character’s priority was made clear in the ending of the original film.

The announcement comes as surprise as many wouldn’t have expected Warner Bros. to green light a sequel while the studio is earning millions with the DCEU. The Accountant was made with a budget of $44 million and managed to earn over $155 million. Although the film didn’t rake in much, it received quite the appreciation from critics and the masses for an R-Rated original film.

Fan’s can expect more announcements once Warner Bros. manages to sign on the cast and film crew members from the original film The Accountant. In more Affleck news, Director Matt Reeves recently confirmed that the actor will play as The Batman in a standalone film for the DCEU. Furthermore, he also revealed that he has begun working on the title as well.

Affleck would also have to begin filming for The Batman which was originally scheduled to hit theaters in 2018. It looks like Warner Bros. production plan for the DCEU film would also give us a hint on the studio’s plan for The Accountant sequel.

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