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Bill Maher faces backlash for calling Barbie movie “preachy, man-hating” movie, fans pushback: ‘thinks the patriarchy is over’

Bill Maher faces backlash for calling Barbie movie “preachy, man-hating” movie, fans pushback: ‘thinks the patriarchy is over’

Barbie movie’s main message lies in confronting & exposing the patriarchy that lies in a male-dominated capitalistic society but Comedian Bill Maher feels it’s rather a “preachy man-hating” film. Greta Gerwig‘s barbillion success with the Margot Robbie starrer flick has not gone unnoticed by Barbie fans and critics and sadly, even detractors.

Barbie’s box office run is shattering world records left and right with the latest achievement making it the first solo female-directed project to gross past $1 billion worldwide. Nonetheless, as a feminist movie, it has also attracted dissent from cinephiles of all walks of life, especially conservatives.

Bill Maher’s reaction to Barbie movie appears to be one such – criticizing the film’s main theme “Barbie fights Patriarchy” and branding it as “this movie is so 2000-LATE.” The talk show host goes into detail on the portrayal of the Mattel board “consisting of 12 white men!” while comparing the characterization to real-life, “it’s 7 men and 5 women.”

All in all, it appears Bill Maher feels Barbie’s focus on patriarchy does not align with the real world in 2023. Nevertheless, the comedian still said, “Barbie is fun, I enjoyed it – but it IS a #ZombieLie.”

As expected, Barbie movie fans are swarming over Maher’s tweet countering his statement to say, “It was a balanced satire about patriarchy” as @effoff1988 wrote on X. While others argued the movie does not cater to his age bracket, Maher is currently 67 years.

This is far from the first time Bill has faced backlash for his comments on Pop Culture. The Real Time host faced heat from film fanatics as well as from comic veteran Neil Gaiman for disrespecting legendary comic book writer/creator Stan Lee after his demise. So one can find comfort in knowing Maher’s unfiltered opinions have a pattern of not aligning with the masses.

Barbie’s success was largely tied to the Barbenheimer trend, even so, it was predicted to land a spot in the billion-dollar club since early reviews surfaced. As Warner Bros. Pictures’ fastest $1B grosser, a feat achieved in 17 days since its premiere, moviegoers’ are still flocking to theaters to watch Barbie.

Can Barbie surpass the $1.3 billion global earning prediction? Let us know in the comments or reach out to us @PursueNews24 to stay tuned to the latest in Hollywood.




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