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Black Adam and JSA disagree on superhero and antihero “rulebook” & “mercy” in new promo, footage of Cyclone & Atom Smasher in action

Black Adam and JSA disagree on superhero and antihero “rulebook” & “mercy” in new promo, footage of Cyclone & Atom Smasher in action

Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) and the JSA have their differences and the recently released promo spotlights key distinctions that separate DC’s menacing ruler of khandaq in comparison to Hawkman (Aldis Hodge) or Dr. Fate’s (Pierce Brosnan) worldview. Furthermore, a new clip shows Atom Smasher in action as well as Cyclone.

Warner Bros. Discovery is leaving no stones unturned in marketing their most anticipated title of the year, Black Adam. While the latest TV spots are leaving a mark on social media spheres like TikTok, a new cast featured promo shows Johnson highlighting the no “rulebook” character traits of Teth-Adam though the Justice Society of America has a different take.

The video begins with Johnson saying, “when you are a superhero, anti-hero, there’s no rulebook” but Hodge interjects, “even though some superheroes think there should be.” The Rock further adds, “you don’t really need to play nice” but Brosnan “it wouldn’t hurt to get along with the others” The video perfectly sums up what sets Black Adam apart from the rest. Though there will be a point where both forces may have to fight together to bring down Sabbac, the big bad. 

As the above promotional clip indicates, the Black Adam trailer has more or less confirmed Dr. Fate and the rest of the JSA trying to persuade Black Adam to stop his assault. Moreover, it seems like a battle of their point of view over good and evil. Nevertheless, the movie also has its light-hearted moments as shown in the small clip where Al Rothstein asks Maxine Hunkell about her powers and she says “Wind” showing a brief glimpse of her creating a whirlwind, keeping in line with her superhero name Cyclone. Whereas Atom Smasher says “I grow” and transitions to a shot of the gigantic hero apologizing to people for breaking an infrastructure. Readers can check it out below.  

The international marketing for Black Adam is ramping up as new banner posters have taken over the streets of South Korea. With the premiere date inching closer, more such promotional material is expected in the US as well.  

The blurring lines between a superhero and an antihero with Black Adam have been a major conversation driver among fans since Johnson has continued to say his arrival will change the hierarchy of the DC Universe. In addition to the latest rumor that The Rock is pushing for an all-out battle between DC’s heroes vs Teth-Adam has only piqued the fandom’s curiosity. However, impressing those fans brings in new challenges like addressing which Justice League is canon in the DCEU.  While The Rock has avoided showcasing Joss Whedon’s theatrical version, the studio is yet to officially respond to those changes. 

Black Adam will arrive in theaters on October 21.




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