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Black Adam’s future appearance depends on DCU exploring multiverse chapter, DCEU fans react to The Rock’s potential return

Black Adam’s future appearance depends on DCU exploring multiverse chapter, DCEU fans react to The Rock’s potential return

Dwayne Johnson and James Gunn finally addressed the fate of Black Adam and sadly, it’s confirmed the anti-hero won’t be part of DCU’s first slate of storytelling. Though all hope may not be lost as The Rock hinted at his potential return as the menacing Teth-Adam and it all hinges on the multiverse. 

After weeks of silence and rumored drama since Henry Cavill’s Superman exit news, The Rock finally offered a statement on the ongoing creative changes with the DCU brand and if there’s a place for his iteration of Teth-Adam in this rebooted universe. 

While confirming the character won’t be a part of “their first chapter of storytelling”, Johnson continued to state that his production company, Seven Bucks and DC have “agreed to continue exploring the most valuable ways Black Adam can be utilized in future DC multiverse chapters.” Readers can find the statement below. 

In all fairness, It sounds like Dwayne only has a verbal agreement with DC Studios rather than a signed deal assuring Johnson’s involvement as Teth-Adam in DCU.  And after the Superman cameo fiasco which Cavill had reportedly agreed to return on a similar verbal understanding – it’s fair to question the possibility of Johnson’s Black Adam popping up in Gunn’s storytelling. But it should be noted Gunn also teased their potential collaboration though it’s indefinite. 

Many fans are already skeptical of Black Adam’s return with the leading argument being The Rock, the 50-year-old star might have aged out of the role by the time his character is relevant to be introduced in DCU’s 10-year-plan. Even so, critics and fans have praised Johnson for his gracious message at the end. Speaking of age, Zachary Levi‘s Shazam also attracted similar questions from fans regarding his future, but the 42-year-old star seems confident about securing his return in the post-DCEU rebooted slate.  

With Black Adam in limbo, it seems the same fate lies for the Justice Society (JSA) and any earlier plans to explore a Hawkman spin-off should be considered dead or TBA. On the bright side for DCU fans, WBD’s DC Studios may have an announcement in store in January to unveil their first set of films. 

Black Adam is currently available to stream on HBO Max.  




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