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Black Adam: Henry Cavill’s Superman reportedly returns in Man of Steel suit to confront Teth-Adam, scene details revealed

Black Adam: Henry Cavill’s Superman reportedly returns in Man of Steel suit to confront Teth-Adam, scene details revealed

Superman fans are rejoicing as Henry Cavill’s return is all but announced for Black Adam. The upcoming Dwayne Johnson starrer DC film looks to change the hierarchy of DCEU with Teth-Adam, an anti-hero capable of facing the Justice Society a.k.a JSA single-handedly. But can the Mighty Adam say the same when pitted against the Man of Steel? well, going by the latest insider info, the foundation for their face-off is laid out in the movie. 

Superman’s return has been in the rumor mill for quite some time but initial reports had claimed the red-caped hero’s cameo would just feature a headless version of the character, concealing the actor’s identity, similar to the Peacemaker finale. However, several insiders had stated that Cavill was in the middle of negotiating his return with Warner Bros. execs and Johnson playing a pivotal role. In the following weeks, rumor mill indicated that Cavill had visited WB lot to film Superman scenes. 

The latest update from insider MyTimeToShineHello outright claims that Cavill has returned and appears in Black Adam wearing the classic Superman suit with John Williams’ iconic theme playing in the background. He then says, “We need to talk Black Adam”. Readers can check it out below.

Another indication supporting the above claim comes from journalist Matt Ramos’s cryptic tweets which assure Superman’s appearance in Black Adam. The news has been met with a large wave of enthusiasm from DC fans, sending their regards to The Rock for making it happen. Among the praise, the only criticism seems to be for the disregard for Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel theme which has been replaced with Williams’ score, if the insider report is accurate. Still, scooper CanWeGetToast suggests the new suit shares resemblance to the Man of Steel but has “brighter colors”.

On the bright side, Johnson’s active status on social media could help change that with the right amount of support. In fact, The Rock was all ears when Snyder fans were disappointed by the use of 2017’s Justice League footage overseen by Joss Whedon in the Black Adam trailer.

It’s unclear if this can also be taken as an indication that a sequel to a Man of Steel is at work since it was rumored that Cavill was renegotiating his contract to assure a Man of Steel 2 instead of just cameo appearances. The 39-year-old star’s brand image in Hollywood has significantly grown since his debut as Superman in the 2013 movie. Cavill fans are currently on the lookout for The Witcher season 3 and on top of that, the actor has been many fans as well as critics’ choice for the next James Bond 007

Black Adam arrives this October 21 in theaters worldwide. But fans in India will get to experience it a day earlier on October 20. 




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