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Black Adam: What is Nth metal & its connection to Hawkman explained

Black Adam: What is Nth metal & its connection to Hawkman explained

Thanks to Black Adam, Finally, there are cool new materials in the DC Extended Universe aside from the green kryptonite introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. DC fans say hello to Hawkman’s (Aldis Hodge) Nth metal and Eternium, the culprit behind unleashing Sabbac. But what makes them so special? How can Eternium damage Teth-Adam? Here’s deep dive into these powerful substances, starting with Nth.

Warning: The article contains major spoilers for Black Adam

DC’s crowd-pleaser blockbuster, Black Adam is off to a good start with movie-goers, in fact, the Dwayne Johnson starrer has received a raving audience score on RT, shadowing the low Rotten rating. Most of the praise has been pointed at the Justice Society a.k.a JSA. While the movie is fast-paced and keeps audiences entertained with back-to-back action sequences — there are brief moments where Black Adam intrigues us, like when Carter Hall reveals to Dr. Fate that the Hawk cruiser is entirely made up of Nth metal.

If you haven’t realized it yet, Hawkman’s electrifying mace is also Nth metal. DC Comics aficionados would be well aware that Nth metal was used by Hawkgirl and Hawkman. Unlike any other compound, Nth is extremely conductive, the Justice League animated series showed Shiera Sanders wielding her mace with pulsating electricity each time she fought her opponents. Moreover, the damage was double the amount when the weapon was conducive. But there’s more to Nth. 

Nth metal packs the punch when Hawkman uses it to fight Black Adam and Sabbac

Nth metal nullifies gravity so simply put, it’s what helps Hawkman, or any Thangarian for that matter, to fly. Using Nth in any form negates the law of physics and provides the user with flight abilities. Even so, it’s not just hovering, in some DC Comics’ confusing source material — Nth is embedded inside Carter and his wife Hawkgirl, which makes them immortal. 

On some occasions, Nth has been compared to the likes of Marvel’s Vibranium to help the uninitiated, understand the new metal but Nth metal is far from it. Nth metal can transform into any shape or form according to the user’s needs so it’s fair to say its sentient. In fact, Hawkman transforms his mace into a large axe when fighting Sabbac. In some of the comic issues, it’s termed that Nth is magical and provides its user with enhanced abilities. 

Nth can become DCEU’s vibranium but it’s safe to say, the metal’s origin and powers have received new additional pros over the years. So perhaps there’s more to it for future DC Films to dig into. 

Black Adam is in theaters worldwide. 




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