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‘Black Panther’: Costume Designer Talks Inspiration Behind Wakandans Attire

Still from Black Panther trailer/ Marvel Studios

‘Black Panther’: Costume Designer Talks Inspiration Behind Wakandans Attire

The works of Ruth E. Carter as costume designer for Black Panther has received much appreciation from fans and critics for beautiful portraying Wakandans attire. It was revealed that the costumes were inspired from South Africa from ancient African culture.

Recently, in an interview, the costume designer spoke in detail about the attire and its style. EW’s recent issue had a feature about Black Panther containing comments from Carter.

The costume designer had indulged it researching tribal fashion across the continent to study patterns, colors and silhouettes. “I wanted to bring those aesthetics to their costumes so that we knew when we saw them that they are from Africa,” said Carter.

In the case of Danai Gurira’s Okoye, the characters’ stunning rings over the neck are also modeled with Vibranium. They needed to be designed carefully to have handmade touch.

“The neck rings needed to have a hand-done feel,” Carter said. “Most jewelry you see from Africa looks like someone hammered it and molded it by hand.”

The Dora Milaje, personal bodyguards of the Black Panther may see some changes in their attire as some items such as harnesses could be passed on in the family.  “I imagine that these Dora Milaje train their daughters, and when she’s ready to join the force, the mother who’s retiring could take off her harness and hand it down,” said Carter.

Carter used inspirations of Victorian ruffs for Ramonda character’s Shoulder mantle. Furthermore, the headpiece which was 3D printed would have shapes that share a resemblance with traditional Zulu hats.

“I felt that there would be people who would make beautiful pieces for her, and they would be the most forward-thinking pieces in the whole universe-because she was the queen!,” explained Carter.

Black Panther hits theatres on February 16th. the film is expected to have a grand successful opening in the domestic and international box office.

Source: EW




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