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Black Panther Early Concept Art Reveals Less Armor Plated Suit

Still from Black Panther Trailer/ Marvel Studios

Black Panther Early Concept Art Reveals Less Armor Plated Suit

Black Panther has literally shattered all records left and right. After the film’s staggering performance at the box office, folks behind the film have started to come forward to explain what went into making the super blockbuster film including the massive set pieces set in Wakanda and characters’ costumes.

Concept artist Jerad S. Marantz recently took to Twitter to share some early concept art for T’Challa’s Black Panther suit. Marantz worked briefly on the movie under Ryan Meinerding, Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development. The artist has also previously worked on concept pieces for the Caped Crusader’s suit in Justice League. You can check out Black Panther concept art pictures below.

You will notice that in one of the pictures Black Panther can be seen sporting a half-masked look. It is likely that as the half mask looks quite similar to the mask that Batman dons, so, director Ryan Coogler decided to let it go. The early concept art looks quite slick and streamlined.

The lesser details make the Black Panther suit in the pictures look more prominent, with the eye-grabbing material, various color grading and change in texture. The necklace in the concept art seems to be a bit clunky and flashy for normal and everyday use. Marantz explained that the suit iteration seen in the pictures below was designed using fabric alone. Although the final suit seen in the movie has more details, it looks very subtle with a number of small features that are not easily noticeable.

At this point of time, it remains unclear if fans will ever get to see different versions of Black Panther suit in the upcoming movies. Notably, the fan-favorite Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) has been shown donning updated versions’ of Iron Man suit over the years. In fact, Stark’s suit in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War will likely feature wings and a bionic arm.

Would you like to see Black Panther donning a different suit in upcoming movies? Let us know in comments below.

Source: Jerad S.Marantz




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