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Black Panther Promos Give A Glimpse At Wakanda’s World, Suit Technology & More

Still from Black Panther Trailer/ Marvel Studios

Black Panther Promos Give A Glimpse At Wakanda’s World, Suit Technology & More

Promotions for Marvel Studios’ Black Panther have been quite high since last week as the film nears its release. Recently, more promos hit the internet, revealing teasing glimpses of T’Challa’s improved suit and others.

The new Vibranium suit, which is capable of charging itself with kinetic energy is thrown into action in a chase scene from the film. A small clip from it was revealed recently on The Ellen Show.

From the looks of it, once charged up the suit is capable of pinning down a vehicle. Fans will have to wait till the movie releases to witness its full extent of power.  The trailer can be found below.

More footage from the film featuring Wakanda was revealed in a featurette video released by Marvel Studios. The cast members and the director share some details of the plot and what to expect in the film.

In more of Black Panther news, Lexus Vehicles has released a new TV commercial for their 2018 Lexus LC. The car was featured in the movie. Fans would have noticed it various times in trailers and on set during filming.

It looks like the car is also made up of Vibranium, capable of handling any amount of firepower similar to T’Challa suit and Captain America’s shield. The movie might reveal more gadgets that are far more technological advance thanks to the use of Vibranium.

Recently in an interview, Director Ryan Coogler also teased that the film is MCU’s version of a Bond movie. Perhaps, Shuri has more gadgets to offer to T’Challa in the film as well.

Black Panther will hit theatres on February 16th. The film will lead up to the upcoming events in Avengers: Infinity War which releases on May 4th, 2018. Stay tuned with Pursue News for updates on the movie and other titles under MCU.




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