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Brave and the bold: DC Studios’ Batman reboot movie to be directed by Andy Muschietti, DCU fans weigh in: ‘definitely be compared to Matt Reeves’

Brave and the bold: DC Studios’ Batman reboot movie to be directed by Andy Muschietti, DCU fans weigh in: ‘definitely be compared to Matt Reeves’

It appears The DC Studios’ The Batman project, titled Brave and the Bold has found a director in Andy Muschietti. Earlier in February during the unveiling of DCU’s roadmap – studio head James Gunn had confirmed The Flash director would return to direct other DC Films but fans are surprised to learn the filmmaker is set to helm the reboot which would finally replace Ben Affleck’s iteration from the Snyderverse.

With its release set for June 13, The Flash is yet to receive its audience rating/score but there seems to be no doubt among critics & avid DCU fans the Speedster movie will be a blockbuster. So the report from One Take News that DC Studios’ Gunn & Peter Safran have hired Andy Muschietti to be the director for The Brave and the Bold has attracted criticism as well as support over the studio’s choice.

It’s fair to say The Batman rumor from Reddit has panned out considering multiple insiders have also cryptically confirmed OTN’s report. While there appears to be enthusiasm from fans (mostly audiences who have seen The Flash from a fan preview) – there is also some pushback. In addition, it’s also clear The Brave and the Bold will be compared to Matt Reeves’ The Batman 2.

On the bright side, Andy is being seen as the perfect choice by many as the director had the opportunity to bring not only Batfleck for one last appearance but also Burtonverse’s Dark Knight reprised by Michael Keaton. Moreover, Andy & Barbara Muschietti have slowly gained popularity in Hollywood for their IT movies. Furthermore, They are currently working on a prequel show based on Stephen King‘s novel too titled Welcome to Derry.

Brave and the Bold was initially rumored to be eyeing Ben Affleck for the director’s chair. However, Zack Snyder’s Justice League star outright revealed he will not be working on any of Gunnverse DCU projects. Since then, many have wondered which filmmaker could be tapped to helm the reboot Dark Knight film.

The expansion of the Bat universe is likely to go hand in hand with the Elseworld’s Reevesverse and DC Studios’ Gods and Monsters. In fact, a Clayface live-action is also apparently in the works with OTN’s BSL claiming Mike Flanagan is attached to helm though with the ongoing writers’ strike, it’s unclear when an announcement could be expected.

The Brave and the Bold does not have a writer on board nor a release date yet. Furthermore, DC Studios is yet to officially announce the director news so stay tuned for more updates.




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