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Brie Larson Says Wonder Woman Is Her Favorite Superhero At Captain Marvel Red Carpet

Brie Larson Says Wonder Woman Is Her Favorite Superhero At Captain Marvel Red Carpet

Marvel Studios’ recently released Captain Marvel continues to make the big bucks at the box office worldwide. The movie which initially faced negativity from trolls has managed to move past its hurdles and achieve success.

Recently, actress Gal Gadot also shared her love for Brie Larson and the female-led Marvel movie by congratulation the actress on her success with Captain Marvel. Though Larson didn’t respond to the post, she already seems to be a fan of Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

Earlier this month during Captain Marvel’s red carpet event, Larson stole the spotlight when she delightfully interacted with a young fan wearing the Captain Marvel suit. Now, a video released by The Female Lead shows the same interaction from the event and Larson being interviewed by the young fan.

During their talk, Larson reveals that she’s a fan of DC’s Wonder Woman.

I really like Wonder Woman a lot,” Larson explained. “I do. I think she’s super cool.” You can check out the video below.

The Captain Marvel actress also quickly responded by saying that the Wakandan ladies are also “pretty cool”.

In the latest news, Captain Marvel’s ongoing box office earning has helped Marvel Studios’ total earning to cross $18 billion. At the moment, It seems very likely that the movie will soon soar past the $1 billion earning mark. 

2019 might be the year for Captain Marvel but next year, Gadot’s Wonder Woman 1984 seems all set to steal the limelight again. The DC film is set to release on June 5, 2020, and details about its plot are a mystery at the moment. but the film once again takes place in the past.

Marvel fans wouldn’t have wait to that long to see Carol Danvers in action once again. The strongest superhero in the MCU will be back to save the universe in Avengers: Endgame releasing on April 27.

Source: The Female Lead




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