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Bruce Willis Did His ‘David Dunn’ Cameo In ‘Split’ Movie As Favor, Says M Night Shyamalan

Still of Bruce Willis as David Dunn from Split

Bruce Willis Did His ‘David Dunn’ Cameo In ‘Split’ Movie As Favor, Says M Night Shyamalan

Next year, it won’t be just Marvel & DC gracing the superhero movie genre but Blumhouse & Universal Pictures will also be bringing their own and that’s M Night Shyamalan’s Glass. A sequel to Unbreakable and Split and is touted as a movie 18 years in the making. However, the threequel would have never come to fruition if it wasn’t for Split.

No one knew that Split was indeed part of the Unbreakable universe. That information was divulged to the audience before the ending in Split with an extra scene that shows Bruce Willis play a brief cameo of his character David Dunn.

The cameo of David Dunn helped Split make more noise while it was already a successful movie at the box office. Its success greenlighted another film which is Glass. but neither Willis nor Samuel L. Jackson had signed on prior for the project. but rather, things seem to have just fallen in the right place for the studio to move forward with Glass.

New details from an interview have revealed that Shyamalan had no concrete plans of making Glass as it entirely depended on Split movie’s success. Moreover, Willis also seems to have done his cameo with no guarantee of getting to play the character again in a full-length movie.

I kept the scene off the screenplay for a long time. Just in case it got out. Bruce came right in really quickly, I was like “Look, if Split works, then maybe we’re going to have a conversation [about another film],” and he was like, “Great!” That was that. He just did it as a favor,” said Shyamalan to EW (Interview from recent comic-con bonus issue).

Even Samuel L. Jackson had stated in an interview that he was surprised when he came to know of the news. And he also learnt from the director that getting it greenlit would depend on its earning.

I remember when Night called me last year to say, ‘I need you to watch this movie I just made, and after you watch it, I’ll tell you what I’m thinking.’ So I watched Split, and at the end of it, we get Bruce in the café and the woman talks to him about Mr. Glass.” Jackson gasps in surprise, recalling the moment. “I was like, ‘So are we gonna make this movie?’ And Night says, ‘Well, it depends on the opening weekend.'”

Glass will hit theaters on January 18.

Source: EW




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