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Bumblebee Producer Feels Its Tricky To Make An Optimus Prime Solo Movie

Bumblebee Producer Feels Its Tricky To Make An Optimus Prime Solo Movie

The recently released Bumblebee came out as the first spinoff film in Paramount’s highly successful Transformers franchise. Well, the next most probable Transformer character to get a spinoff movie could likely be Optimus Prime. But, unfortunately, Bumblebee producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura believes it won’t be easy to make an Optimus Prime solo movie.

During a recent interview with Metro, Bonaventura teased about the animated movie that will tell the mythology of the Transformers on Cybertron. He also mentioned that an Optimus Prime solo movie is an option.

We actually have an animated movie in the works that will tell the whole Cybertron mythology. The fans will love that,” Bonaventura teased adding, “We’re trying to figure out an [Optimus Prime solo movie].”

But, he said it would be a bit tricky to make an Optimus Prime solo movie considering Optimus’ character traits.

It will be hard with Optimus, he is always right, very stoic and is a man of few words … It is kind of like saying, ‘Lets do a movie about Obi-Wan Kenobi?’ But how much is there to say about Obi-Wan? It is not so easy,” Bonaventura explained.

The main issue with making a solo film for the fan-favorite character is that Optimus Prime has already been the protagonist for five Transformers films. The character is so good that it would be quite difficult for the makers to justify the sequel’s existence by coming up with a necessary and interesting story about Optimus Prime.

As far as Bumblebee sequel is concerned, writer Christina Hodson told Metro that she is very interested in returning for the sequel as she already has plans for the film.

We shall see. I have told them they can call me anytime. I know what I would want to do with it,” Hodson said.

Directed by Travis Knight from a script written by Christina Hodson, Bumblebee is currently running in theaters.




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