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Captain America 4 – New Avengers will reportedly be formed by Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson, details

Captain America 4 – New Avengers will reportedly be formed by Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson, details

Thaddeus Ross has always spelled bad news for The Avengers and that does change in MCU Phase 5’s Captain America 4 as well. And if that wasn’t enough, recent reports from insiders suggest the former Lieutenant General will pose a bigger threat to Earth’s defenders after becoming the President of the United States. 

Captain America 4 could be shaping into a Civil War-Esque flick featuring multiple MCU heroes if the latest insider claims are believed. And similar to Steve Rogers finding his own ragtag team and Iron Man recruiting Spider-Man etc – Sam Wilson’s (Anthony Mackie) falcon-winged Captain America may be forced to take on the difficult task of recruiting enhanced individuals to form a new team. 

Sam Wilson facing off The Leader is imminent since Kevin Feige along with the Captain America: The New World Order Team confirmed the character’s return. But it was made clear he won’t be the main villain rather that privilege goes to Harrison Ford. In October 2022, The Indiana Jones 5 star was announced to play General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross.  The character became a fan-favorite in the MCU thanks to the portrayal by the late William Hurt.  

Ross’s attempts to control the activities of enhanced individuals with the Sokovia Accords played a pivotal part in dividing the Avengers. Fast forward to the present, Disney Plus’s She-hulk clarified the Sokovia Accords were repealed though the issue of enhanced beings causing chaos remained unchecked, possibly leaving room for the General to gain support. 

Captain America 4 to introduce Thunderbolt Ross as the US President?

Going by the latest insider news from CanWeGetSomeToast, In Captain America 4, the General will be known for his newly secured position in the United States as President Ross. In addition, Sam singlehandedly opposing Ross sounds too optimistic so he will be “looking to assemble a new team of Avengers” to fight this threat. Earlier this week, another scooper claimed Val will appear as well.  Readers can check out the details below.

Harrison Ford’s iteration is expected to explore his character transforming into the Red Hulk similar to the source material. Throw in The Leader to the mix and Ross may have his own set of enhanced soldiers to deal with any resistance. Speaking of which, since The New World Order is expected to have connections to MCU’s villain ensemble flick, Thunderbolts – their formation could be hinted at or even take place in the fourth installment. 

Ford recently had a cryptic response when asked if he’d put on a motion capture suit for his MCU role. So with Red Hulk’s appearance all but confirmed, it remains to be seen which Marvel heroes could cameo in Captain America: The New World Order. Many fans are pushing for characters from the likes of Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Spider-Man, Shang-Chi and Doctor Strange to be part of the new Avengers.




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