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Captain Marvel: Clark Gregg On Laying Groundwork For SHIELD, The Avengers & What To Expect

Still of Phil Coulson from Captain Marvel trailer

Captain Marvel: Clark Gregg On Laying Groundwork For SHIELD, The Avengers & What To Expect

In the upcoming Captain Marvel, Clark Gregg will be reprising his role as Phil Coulson but it won’t have anything to do with the character’s present arc. but it will rather show a young Coulson from his early days working alongside a young Nick Fury.

In an interview discussing Captain Marvel, Gregg shared some details about the origin of S.H.I.E.L.D and how things came to change after coming across Carol Danvers. Furthermore, The actor also went on to discuss what fans should expect from the movie and its

As far as Coulson knows SHIELD is about managing things like Red Skull tesseract related, technologies, Hydra mop-up activities and that’s about it. So to suddenly have someone crash through the roof of a blockbuster [which I think is one of the great entries of all time] who turns out to be part of an alien race, if anything far more advanced than us, its really the beginning of a chapter that we have seen and will become very very important in the future of SHIELD down the road and really define what SHIELD becomes,” said Gregg.

There’s a lot of the groundwork that gets laid for the first Avengers movie, Thor for everything really so its fun to go back and experience that discovery within these characters’ points of view.”

Its already a known fact that Captain Marvel will be taking place in the 90s and early reactions suggest that the filmmakers have done a remarkable job in including references such as Blockbuster and more to give moviegoers a nostalgic experience. when Coulson was asked what fans should expect from the movie, the actor had the same to say.

I suspect they are going to walk in and really have a nostalgic feeling around what I suppose some of the 90s jam. They are going to hear and see some old only young SHIELD agents in some 90s suits. And they’re going to think its kind of a strip down smaller scale origin story and boy are they are going to be in for a surprise.”

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8.

Source: PursueNews/Marvel Studios




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