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Captain Marvel Composer Pinar Toprak Talks Scoring Carol’s Theme & Demoing For Marvel Studios

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Captain Marvel Composer Pinar Toprak Talks Scoring Carol’s Theme & Demoing For Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel will finally be out in theaters this Friday and it looks like the movie will without a doubt be another successful title under the MCU. Earlier this week, the review embargo for the movie was also lifted which played in the studios’ favor with many critics hailing the movie and some of them also appreciating the score, especially the theme for Captain Marvel.

A soundbite we received for Captian Marvel shows composer Pinar Toprak talking about demoing for Marvel Studios and how she managed to get the job.

I had a shot at demoing and as soon as I found out that I had that shot, I went and hired a 70 piece orchestra and I wrote a demo, they had very early visuals that they were able to give me, they gave me a script and I wrote this demo supported with a 70 piece orchestra and miraculously it worked out,” said Toprak.

When I was coming up with the Captain Marvel theme, it was a daunting task,” said Toprak.

Initially there was a panic face,” Toprak said laughing. After playing with different ideas while working in the studio, Toprak realized that “It’s not happening”.

So I went outside for a walk, in one of those walks I just started humming and I was trying to think about different intervals the theme could start with, that’s more unique in a way that you could recognize her theme from the first two notes. But that meant that it needed to be a specific interval that’s not as predictable.”

“I hummed a theme and I called a friend of mine and I was ‘how was that theme?’, he was like ‘hang up right now, turn your voice memo on and record this’ and the Captain Marvel theme is still on my voice memo on my phone,” said Toprak. You can watch the interview below.

Captain Marvel hits theatres this Friday.




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