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Captain Marvel Director Explains How Annette Bening Filmed Her Character’s Death Scene With No Sleep

Annette Bening in Captain Marvel/ Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel Director Explains How Annette Bening Filmed Her Character’s Death Scene With No Sleep

Filmmaking is a painstaking process and as studios continue to push limits in an effort to produce better films–it does not come without sacrifice from the cast and filmmakers. And it seems like Captain Marvel also has a tiny story which is an example of the long scheduling process behind big blockbuster titles’ filmmaking.

In the recently-released commentary track for Captain Marvel, director Ryan Fleck shares some behind-the-scenes details from filming a sequence which show Annette Bening’s character, Helen Lawson/Mar-Vell being shot and killed by Yon-Rogg played by Jude Law. The scene takes place few moments before Carol Danvers gets her power.

As the director stated, the particular scene was Bening’s first to have been shot in the film. And surprisingly, the actress did it with little to no sleep due to her schedule.

This was Annette Bening’s first day of shooting,” Fleck revealed. “She flew across the country, she had something she had to do in New York and she flew across the country, showed up without sleeping, and did a dying scene for us. It was a tall order. ‘Hey Anette, how’s it going? So you’re going to get out of this plane and you’re going to die over here. You ready? Let’s go!’ And she was such a trooper. I think it’s a very difficult scene for actors to play and she nails it.”

The scene certainly turned out to be an emotional and intense moment in Captain Marvel and also adds some context. In fact, a lot of fans’ were initially surprised with the filmmakers’ decision in providing the actress a dual role in the film as Mar-Vell and as Carol’s manifestation of the Supreme Intelligence, especially since it was different compared to the existing Marvel comics lore.

Captain Marvel is currently available on Digital HD and Blu-ray.

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