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Captain Marvel Filming In Fresno’s Shaver Lake Delayed, New Shoot Date

Brie Larson with Brigadier General Jeannie Leavitt, 57th Wing Commander, on a research trip to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada/ Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel Filming In Fresno’s Shaver Lake Delayed, New Shoot Date

Marvel Studios’ had plans to shoot Captain Marvel in some locations around Los Angeles including Fresno, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana. Pursue News had exclusively learnt that the production team was slated to shoot in Fresno near Shaver Lake for three days. But, now it seems the shooting schedule has been delayed.

Notably, some casting calls looking for extras “who appear to be in their 20s to 50s, military, and government types, maintenance workers” for Captain Marvel were put up in March, according to the Official Alan Baltes Page. As per the casting call listing, the production of the film at Shaver Lake was scheduled to take place from April 9th-11th.

However, now, as the Shaver Lake shooting schedule has been changed, the listing has been removed from Central Casting. It is expected that the casting call may get re-list once the shooting schedule for Shaver Lake is finalized. According to Fox26 News, the production unit may begin filming at Shaver Lake in mid-May.

Notably, another casting call has been found listed on the Official Alan Baltes Page which calls for males and females to portray aliens in Captain Marvel. As per the listing, the shooting of these scenes will take place on various dates between late April and mid-June, 2018 in Los Angeles. You can check out the listing below.

Meanwhile, Marvel Studios team has shared a statement to mourn the death of Maj. Stephen Del Bagno, an Air Force pilot and consultant on Captain Marvel. Bagno was killed while performing a set of training maneuvers at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

We lost a friend yesterday. Marvel Studios is saddened to hear of the loss of Air Force Maj. Stephen Del Bagno, who we were lucky to get to know during his time as a consultant on Captain Marvel,” the studio noted on Twitter. “We will miss him greatly; he’ll always be part of the team.”

Source: Fox26 News




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