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Captain Marvel Prelude Comics Reveals Nick Fury Kept Tabs On The Avengers After Civil War

Still of Maria Hill and Nick Fury from The Avengers/ Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel Prelude Comics Reveals Nick Fury Kept Tabs On The Avengers After Civil War

MCU’s female superhero Captain Marvel will come to the rescue of Earth’s Mightiest heroes who survived Thanos devastating snap in the upcoming Avengers 4. Her arrival for the fourth instalment was confirmed in Avengers: Infinity War’s post-credits scene. The scene in question saw Nick Fury using a pager-like device to contact Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel before he turned to dust along with half of the universe population.

While the scene confirms Captain Marvel’s inclusion in Avengers 4, it did leave fans wondering why Fury waited so long to call out for some help for the Avengers in their fight against the Mad Titan.

Recently, Marvel Comics released a prelude comics for Captain Marvel, which lays the groundwork for Carol’s arrival in the MCU and also answers why Fury waited until the events of Infinity War to contact the superhero.

Surprisingly, the former S.H.I.E.L.D. director didn’t make an appearance during Captain America: Civil War when the Avengers was divided into two groups over disagreements with the Sokovia Accords. But the prelude comic now confirms Fury and agent Maria Hill were well aware of everything and indeed kept a tab on the battle which was raging between Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

In a piece of dialogue in the comic, Fury says to Hill that they can’t afford a rift between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers over the Sokovia Accords. But he still believes the Avengers would come together again if humanity is faced with any major threat (i.e. Thanos).

The comic also confirms that Fury asked Maria to help Captain America in breaking in the raft and free his fellow Avenger friends. It remains unclear if Hill really did secretly help Cap or provided some sort of tech support to get into the raft and rescue his fellow Avengers which fans would remember from the ending scene of Civil War.

Furthermore, the comic even suggests Fury tracked down the Secret Avengers ahead of Infinity War and attempted to persuade Steve Rogers to reconcile with Tony Stark, but, the attempt failed. He sent Hill in to talk to Stark, but that attempt also failed. The next scene is the Infinity War end credits scene, in which Fury and Hill both turn into dust after Thanos’ Snap, and Nick just manages to send an alert to Captain Marvel.

We will get to know what happens next when Avengers 4 arrives in theatres in May of 2019.

Captain Marvel prelude comics

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