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Comic Con India & Archie Comics Team Up For Exclusive Edition Comic, Details

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Comic Con India & Archie Comics Team Up For Exclusive Edition Comic, Details

Comic-Con India is teaming with Archie Comics to come out with a special #1 edition of popular Archie titles with exclusive India only covers. This exclusive edition comic with a customized city cover will be given out to each pass holder attending Comic Con India this year.

In a press release sent to PursueNews, Comic-Con India, along with Archie Comics will provide all attendees with a limited edition Archie comic with an exclusive city specific cover. This is the first time CC India is collaborating with an American comic book publisher to come out with a special limited edition issue. but it is certainly not unexpected going by Archie Comics’ huge fanbase in the country.

Talking about Archie comics, Jatin Varma, Founder, Comic Con India, said, “One of the first comics I ever read, was an Archie and millions of comic book fans in India have a similar story to share. Archie comics are considered as Indian as some of our local comics. Therefore, I am extremely excited to collaborate with Archie Publications to start of this unique collaboration!”

Archie Comics CEO, Jon Goldwater, also echoed Varma’s sentiments. “Archie and his friends are beloved worldwide, but they’ve always been especially embraced in India. With that in mind, we’re honored and excited to kick off this relationship with Comic Con India, which we hope to see continue for years to come,” said Goldwater.

Archie Comics has had a stronghold over its audience in India for years. It is certain that the new exclusive edition would excite every Comic-Con attendees this year. Fans can head over to the official website for more details on other events.

The dates for Comic-Con shows across India are as follows:

Hyderabad: 14th-15th October
Mumbai: 11th -12th November
Bengaluru: 2nd -3rd December
New Delhi: 15th – 17th December

Currently, all eyes are on New York Comic-Con for its exciting announcements. Warner Bros. new Justice League trailer has also been confirmed to release on Sunday which would also be likely screened at NYCC.

Comic-Con India is part of the Reedpop family of events, which is dedicated to producing world-class celebrations of popular culture around the world with events like New York Comic Con, Oz Comic-Con, Shanghai Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration among many others.




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