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‘Creative reboot’: Daredevil: Born Again kills off Foggy Nelson, does not reference Karen Page, crew on set allegedly felt bored, Amy Rutberg, Vincent D’Onofrio react to scrapping & more

‘Creative reboot’: Daredevil: Born Again kills off Foggy Nelson, does not reference Karen Page, crew on set allegedly felt bored, Amy Rutberg, Vincent D’Onofrio react to scrapping & more

The fate of Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) & Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) in Daredevil: Born Again has finally been revealed after news broke on Marvel Studios scrapping the original idea set forth for the TV-MA MCU series. THR‘s report reveals Kevin Feige & other Marvel execs reviewed footage of the few episodes shot for Daredevil: Born Again before production hit a snag over writers strike were enough to come to the decision to revamp the series. Insiders share more tea on what unfolded behind the scenes for the need to creatively reboot the Charlie Cox starrer show.

Head writers Chris Ord and Matt Corman along with the directors originally hired to create Daredevil: Born Again are no longer part of the creative team. Their concept delivered a legal drama that failed to share any resemblance to the critically & fan acclaimed Netflix version.

As we reported on Oct 9, the outlet’s report confirms that Matt Murdock would not have suited up in the initial episodes. Sadly, the reason is tied to the death of Foggy Nelson & Karen Page.

Matt gives up on the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen alter-ego after failing to save Foggy & Karen, claims CWGST though it’s unknown what incident leads to their death. Murdock gives up on being Daredevil for over a year meanwhile Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio) rises to power after becoming the Mayor by backing law enforcement. Wilson Fisk’s campaign message discourages street-level heroes like Punisher, Daredevil and Spider-Man.

Surprisingly, the scooper also notes the reboot series did not even reference or allude to Karen Page. The character was never considered to be part of the Disney Plus series. It is unclear if the show would have addressed killing off Karen at a later point.

To some fans, the scrapping of Daredevil: Born Again’s creative team has cast doubt on the talent involved behind the scenes. One fan even criticized Vincent D’Onofrio’s post from April where he praised the filming of a “big scene” while appreciating the cast & crew. But D’Onofrio reiterated his trust in the team by saying “We are going to bring forward the best series we can.” Nonetheless, new info from insider Grace Randolph casts more concern on the story crafted by the original team.

Grace’s sources say people on the Daredevil reboot set “felt bored”. The story reportedly focused on corrupt police forces using The Punisher symbol. But the series was constructed in a manner to make it suitable for airing on network TV as well. Readers are advised to take this news with a grain of salt.

None of the Born Again cast except for Vincent have shared their opinion on the show’s overhaul. But Netflix’s Daredevil actor Amy Rutberg had a quirky response to the scrapping, “Happy to make some recommendations,” she wrote on X. Rutberg has long supported the show’s revival and participated in the Save Daredevil campaign.

Speaking of recommendations, many fans have been calling for the hiring of Steven DeKnight & other talent involved in the making of the three seasons of Daredevil for Netflix. For now, Marvel is on the hunt for a new team of writers & directors with the series seemingly delayed until 2025.




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