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Creature Commandos – Frank Grillo teases involvement in DC Studios’ animation project, hints Ron Perlman’s casting too

Creature Commandos – Frank Grillo teases involvement in DC Studios’ animation project, hints Ron Perlman’s casting too

Creature Commandos is well into development at DC Studios and it looks like Frank Grillo and Ron Perlman may be the first two actors to be cast in the DCU animation project. The two were invited to the Shazam: Fury of the Gods premiere, leading to casting rumors which Grillo has responded to on his social media.

While DCU chief James Gunn has remained mum so far on the casting process for Chapter 1’s Gods & Monsters projects – the DC Studios architect has still offered insight into ongoing progress. Earlier in February, The Suicide Squad director disclosed that Creature Commandos was starting production and the casting was “almost done”.

It was only a matter of time before an official announcement though it would possibly be set for DC Studios’ presentation at CinemaCon. However, Grillo’s teasing reply to a news article regarding his and Ron Perlman’s casting for the DC Studios animation series has all but confirmed their involvement.

Grillo shared a screenshot of Comicbook’s news report tagging Perlman, “Me and guy, we did a little film together awhile back. Could this be two? Hmmmmmmmmmm,” he wrote on his Instagram stories post. It should be noted that Grillo indicated coming onboard the DCU in February with a similar social media post. Moreover, eagle-eyed DC film stans also spotted the 57-year-old’s comment to Gunn’s post on the animated show.

It’s possible Frank Grillo could have been cast as Rick Flag Sr while Ron as Frankenstein’s Monster – arguably the most suited roles for the two stars. Neither Perlman nor Grillo is new to the comic book movie genre with the 72-year-old known for playing Hellboy while the latter made a big mark starring in MCU’s Captain America 2 and Civil War as Crossbones.

Gunn has already shared that a main character from Creature Commandos would appear in the Peacemaker spin-off Waller. With Rick Flag killed off in 2019’s The Suicide Squad, it’s a more likely scenario to expect his father’s encounter with Amanda Waller.

In the case of the Hellboy star, Perlman is not new to donning prosthetics and make-up which would be the way to go to bring Frankenstein to life, similar to the impressive work done for Colin Farrell’s Penguin. Nonetheless, readers are urged to wait for official confirmation from the DC Studios CEOs before jumping ahead with speculations.

Creature Commandos is yet to secure a release date.




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