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‘Dark skin Afro-Puerto’ – Spider-Man fans want Miles Morales’s live-action casting to be comic-accurate, discuss if the character should remain in MCU or Venomverse

‘Dark skin Afro-Puerto’ – Spider-Man fans want Miles Morales’s live-action casting to be comic-accurate, discuss if the character should remain in MCU or Venomverse

The wheels are in motion for a Miles Morales live-action movie and Across the Spider-Verse fans are already offering notes to Sony Pictures on the character’s casting. The Marvel fanbase is insisting the studio finds an actor of dark skin with Afro-Puerto Rican heritage, similar to the animation counterpart. Though many are divided over if Brooklyn’s Spider-Man should exist in the MCU or appear in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe alongside Venomverse.

As the critically acclaimed Across the Spider-Verse looks to open globally with a whooping $150M in earnings – it was only a matter of time before Sony Pictures addressed the character’s big-screen debut. Fortunately, Producer Amy Pascal revealed to Variety the Spider-Verse 2’s LA premiere, “You’ll see all of it, It’s all happening,” she said while indicating a Spider-Woman feature is also in development. Producer Avi Arad also echoed her statement assuring their standalone movies will soon see the light.

While the news has certainly delighted Across the Spider-Verse fans – it has many also sharing their worry over the studio possibly failing to find a Puerto Rican African American to portray Brooklyn’s Spider-Man Nonetheless, the fan casting is already underway with some throwing around names like Stranger Things Caleb Mclaughlin.

Spider-Verse 2’s Shameik Moore is manifesting playing Miles Morales in live-action

There’s also a growing request to cast Donald Glover as Aaron Davis since the actor portrayed the character in Homecoming. However, there is a concern over Miles Morales debuting in the same universe as Morbius and Venom. The Jared Leto starrer Vampire flick was a disaster while Tom Hardy’s Venom movie has barely appealed to critics and fans. Readers can check out reactions below.

With Tom Holland set to return for Spider-Man 4, some are hoping to see Miles Morales interact with this iteration of Spidey from New York. Moreover, the first reference to a Black Spider-Man was dropped in Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures’ No Way Home. So perhaps there is a high probability for Brooklyn’s Spider-Man to exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Meanwhile, the Spider-Verse’s Miles Morales voice actor Shameik Moore has been vocal about his interest to portray the live-action character. The star expressed his desire to take on the big-screen interpretation too while speaking at the LA premiere stating he is manifesting a “live-action” portrayal.

The fourth installment has also been hit by the Writers’ strike but when the project proceeds, Sony could consider introducing Miles in Spider-Man 4 similar to Peter Parker’s debut in Captain America: Civil War. For now, Brooklyn’s friendly neighborhood superhero will be seen dealing with multiverse heroes and villains in the Spider-Verse sequel which arrives in theaters on June 2. 




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