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[UPDATE] David Fincher’s ‘World War Z 2’ Reportedly Starts Filming On June 15, Details

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[UPDATE] David Fincher’s ‘World War Z 2’ Reportedly Starts Filming On June 15, Details

Paramount’s World War Z 2 is one of the most anticipated projects that fans are eagerly waiting to see it go into production. The sequel to the 2013 released World War Z movie will be directed by David Fincher.

PursueNews last reported (via Production Weekly) that World War Z 2 would begin filming in late March and would go on filming for over a lengthy 8 month period. But Paramount later contacted us to confirm that the information is inaccurate and there is currently no official start date yet.

Yet again, Another listings from Production Weekly has updated details regarding the project’s principal photography and filming wrap status and now states that World War Z 2 would start filming on June 15 under the working title ‘Maximillian’. As reported earlier, it still states that Production will take place in Atlanta, Thailand and Spain.

Filming will go on for a period of 4 months and will wrap on October 30.

It must be noted that the project’s producer Jeremy Kleiner and Dede Gardner had also earlier stated that production will begin in June. You can check it out in the video below.

At the moment, Brad Pitt and Mireille Enos are the only two mentioned in the cast as the two will be reprising their roles from the original movie.

While readers are advised to take this news with a grain of salt, it must also be noted that Production Weekly has a track record and have gotten several stories accurately such as the title of Bad Boys 3. Pursue News will reach out to Paramount for an update on this story.

If this report turns out to be accurate, we can soon expect some casting announcements as well.  Fincher will be directing this sequel zombie project from a script penned by Dennis Kelly from an original draft from Steve Knight.

The untitled World War Z 2 does not have a release date assigned yet.




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