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EXCLUSIVE: David Lloyd Weighs In On Rumored ‘V For Vendetta’ TV Series

Still of David Lloyd from Mumbai Comic-Con/ CC to PursueNews' cameraman, Keerthan RP- Still of V from V for Vendetta/Courtesy to Warner Bros.

EXCLUSIVE: David Lloyd Weighs In On Rumored ‘V For Vendetta’ TV Series

Earlier this month, V for Vendetta illustrator David Lloyd was present as an international guest at Mumbai Comic-Con. We had the chance to sit down with the veteran comic book artist for an interview and also got to hear what he thinks about V coming to the small screen.

A report from October by Bleeding Cool stated that channel 4 was developing a V for Vendetta TV series. Furthermore, they claim to have confirmed the news with industry sources.

During our chat with Lloyd, we questioned the veteran comic creator about the rumored V for Vendetta TV series in development. Here’s what he had to say (jump to 3:20 runtime in the video) :

“No, I only know what you know. Nobody has contacted me about it. I know nothing about it, Apart from what I have read. I haven’t been contacted. It would be nice to be contacted about it if they go ahead. But I’m not holding my breath for that. If they don’t contact me or Alan, I just hope they make a good job of it,” said Lloyd.

When asked if the story could be better narrated as a TV series, Lloyd weighed in his thoughts about bringing V for Vendetta to the TV.

“You can cover more of the materials from the book in a series. But I don’t think you need to do more than one season (laughs). I’m interested in the idea it’s going to be adapted. You got more spice than in a movie for a start. And they can be truer to the original source. Hopefully, they’ll do a good job with it, if it happens,” explained Lloyd.

Since 2007, the year when V for Vendetta was brought to the big screen, Warner Bros., Marvel Studios and Fox have brought many more fictional characters to life in the cinematic universe. But it looks like there’s just one movie that has managed to surprise Lloyd by far.

DC fans would be glad to know that Lloyd was “very pleasantly surprised” after watching Wonder Woman and found it to be “great” while he didn’t seem to have the same opinion for other titles in the superhero genre.

The entire interview where we talk about Lloyd’s interest towards Jack Kirby’s character Nick Fury and more can be found below.




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