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DC Announces Two-Part Superman Animated Movie, Batman & More

DC Announces Two-Part Superman Animated Movie, Batman & More

Finally, DC has some exciting new title announcements which involve Superman. After premiering Batman and Harley Quinn animated movie at SDCC, Warner Bros. decided to reveal their lineups under the DC animated Universe.

DC Comics official website was also updated with a blog post which revealed the list of animated movies the studio has planned for upcoming releases. First off, Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, this does not come as surprise as the DCAU title was leaked earlier this month.

Next up followed in the spring of 2018 is Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. This animated title will be the first “misfits” movie set within the DC Universe Original Movies’ shared continuity.

Fans expecting more of Man of Steel in the Animated Universe are in for a surprise as DC has announced a two part Superman film. In 2018, the studio plans to release Death of Superman which would be the first of its two-parter.

Earlier in 2007, DC released Superman: Doomsday. While the film wasn’t a disaster, it still disappointed many of the Superman fans due to the exclusion of some moments from the comic the story was adapted from.

Fortunately, DC seems to be on a mission to correct that as it says that “the upcoming adaptation will be more faithful to the source material.”Furthermore, it also plans on including all the “fan-favorite moments” from the comics which wasn’t included in 2007’s Doomsday.

Later in early 2019, fans will get to enjoy the Part two Reign of the Supermen. Fans can check of DC Comics’ official blog post to read more in detail.

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