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DC fans campaign for #ReleaseBatgirl movie after WBD reportedly cancels HBO Max’s Leslie Jones starrer DCEU film

DC fans campaign for #ReleaseBatgirl movie after WBD reportedly cancels HBO Max’s Leslie Jones starrer DCEU film

A new campaign among DC fans for #ReleaseBatgirl movie sees massive support as news emerged the Leslie Grace starring Batgirl, a $70 million DC project (which reached approx. $90M by the end of production) made for HBO Max reportedly won’t see the light on the streaming service or in theatres worldwide, a decision by the new leadership at Warner Bros. Discovery. The project’s cancellation has sent shockwaves across Hollywood due to the unprecedented decision.

Several trade outlets have confirmed the NY Post’s report on Batgirl’s cancellation. In addition, the latter’s story also states the DC film did poorly during its test screenings. Moreover, Variety claims “taxes” as the major reason behind the shelving. It was earlier reported WBD’s new head David Zaslav’s idea of overhauling the DC film brand also included limiting the HBO Max project’s budget to $35M or less, which also led to Wonder Twins‘ cancellation.

Many initially thought Batgirl would receive a theatrical release though as Deadline indicates – WBD’s current plans are for big budget $90M plus movies and unfortunately, the early footage from Batgirl did not convince the execs it fell in this category. The tragic news has left many distraught though it also led to a growing campaign with #ReleasetheBatgirlMovie on Twitter. Readers can see some of the reactions below.

Batgirl’s cancellation has DC fans alarmed if WBD could also shelve Blue Beetle while some are hoping The Flash movie lands the same treatment due to Ezra Miller’s controversial antics. However, some insiders have also pointed out the possibility of the studio clashing with creatives over contractual obligations.

Michael Keaton’s Batman has also shot sequences for Batgirl which would have been his second appearance in the DCEU after The Flash. The feature was set to introduce new faces from the DC lore such as Brendan Fraser as Firefly.  Also, set photos revealed connections to the Snyderverse as well with even J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon reprising his role from 2017’s Justice League though it’s unclear what the new leadership has planned for the earlier vision set forth by Zack Snyder.

Batgirl was directed by Ms. Marvel helmers Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah from a script penned by Christina Hodson.

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