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DC Film Geoff Johns Has Perfect Response To Justice League Troll Tweet

DC Film Geoff Johns Has Perfect Response To Justice League Troll Tweet

The currently ongoing reshoots for Justice League has faced criticism from fans since a report revealed that the filming is extensive. In addition to that, the outrage grew as another report revealed that composer Junkie XL was replaced with Danny Elfman to score the DC film.

Many fans on Twitter and social media began suggesting that Director Joss Whedon could possibly be the person behind the changes. Furthermore, some also started conversation suggesting that the studio has decided to completely hand over the torch Whedon.

Adding more heat to the criticism, users have begun trolling fans on Twitter as well. Recently, a fake account claiming to be Director Whedon started spewing unnecessary tweets in an attempt to troll or justify that it is an alternate account used by The Avengers director.

In a recent tweet, the fake account user tagged DC Film boss Geoff Johns to thank him for giving him [Joss Whedon] the opportunity to “reshoot the entire Justice League.”

While it was clearly meant to be a troll, the fake user failed to realize Johns has also managed to troll his follower on several occasions. The DC Film boss replied that he plans to bring in Spider-Man and Scooby-Doo as new additions. Fans can check out his comedic response below.

Earlier in April, DC’s Jon Berg and Johns had tweeted sarcastically regarding a ridiculous Batman fake news.  The two bosses were able to put an end to the unnecessary speculation with their comedic conversation.

It’s assuring to watch Johns handle the roadblocks at ease and face criticism from fans head on. It also suggests that the studio is well capable of handling the ongoing changes with Justice League.

What do you think of Geoff Johns reply to the troll user? Let me know in the comments below. For more updates on Justice League and other DCEU stories,  follow Pursue News on Facebook and Twitter. Readers can also follow me on my social media accounts for the latest scoops.




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