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DC Films Confirms James Gunn Is Writing Suicide Squad 2 With A Completely Fresh Take

Still from Suicide Squad 2

DC Films Confirms James Gunn Is Writing Suicide Squad 2 With A Completely Fresh Take

Reports of director James Gunn writing and directing Suicide Squad 2 have been making rounds since last few days. Well, now, DC has finally put a stamp to the news confirming that Gunn will bring a completely fresh take to the franchise. This means Suicide Squad 2 won’t be a follow up to the first film rather it will undertake a completely new story altogether.

DC Entertainment made the announcement through their DC Daily web series verifying James Gunn’s involvement with the forthcoming Suicide Squad sequel.

It’s official that we have got a new member of the DC family: acclaimed writer/director James Gunn has been attached to write Suicide Squad 2,” said DC Daily host Tiffany Smith. “Gunn is poised to bring a completely fresh take to the franchise after the first film was written and directed by David Ayer.”

Gunn’s fresh take on Suicide Squad 2 could refer two possibilities- one, that he might resort to a full rewrite of the movie’s story and script, and the other that he is taking the DC characters to a new, different direction than how they were depicted in the original film.

While there’s currently no word on Suicide Squad 2 storyline or plot, it is expected that the film will likely feature familiar DC characters like Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, and the Joker.

Notably, DC Films is yet to confirm if Gunn will also be directing the film. Considering the fact that the director was fired by Disney from directing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 due to his past offensive tweets, it’s entirely possible that he may not want to take on the reins as director of Suicide Squad 2.

The first Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer was released in 2016. It grossed over $746.8 million at the worldwide box office.

More information about Suicide Squad 2 storyline and cast members is expected to follow soon.

Source: DC Daily




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