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DC & Marvel Unite To Pay Tribute To Superman Director Richard Donner

DC & Marvel Unite To Pay Tribute To Superman Director Richard Donner

The 1978 Superman: The Movie by Richard Donner has been an inspiration to many directors in the current era. Earlier, Director Patty Jenkins also revealed that Wonder Woman was based on the classic DC film to bring out its fun and humor.

Recently, two of the greatest personalities in the movie industry attended an event together to pay tribute to Richard Donner. DC Entertainment President Geoff Johns and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige went on to the stage at the event to share their early personal experience with Donner.

Both presidents shared their love for Donner and revealed how Superman: The Movie was an inspiration for the superhero movies made in the past years. Fans can listen to Johns and Feige talk about their moments with Donner in the video below.

It’s truly heartwarming to watch rival studios come together to pay their tribute to one of the best directors in Hollywood. Moreover, some fans might have found it surprising to hear Feige say that Superman: The Movie has played a part in the making of some of the MCU films.

For those unaware, Geoff Johns initially started out as comic book writer for DC Entertainment. Since then, he has gone on to be named as Chief Creative Officer in 2010 and also being given control over DCEU along with Jon Berg.

Kevin Feige began his career with Marvel as a producer in the year 2000. Since then, he has gone on to take control over the studio as President and has produced films that grossed over $10 billion (combined box office).

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