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DC Studios’ James Gunn hints DCU will explore new characters through TV shows & animation, hints unveiling DC Bible plans before SDCC 2023

DC Studios’ James Gunn hints DCU will explore new characters through TV shows & animation, hints unveiling DC Bible plans before SDCC 2023

Ever since Warner Bros. Discovery put James Gunn & Peter Safran in charge of DC Studios – there’s been a noticeably increased interest in the DC Films franchise from cinephiles. Especially after it was indicated the rebranded DCU would be explored across different mediums. In a recent interaction with a fan, the current DCEU’s architect confirmed that future characters could be introduced either through films, TV shows and animation. 

Gunn’s DC Bible is in the making with Safran overseeing the executive side of the business while the director handles the creative world-building. There have been a lot of rumors rumbling based on cryptic tweets from James Gunn, like if the DC Films chief plans on introducing Deadman or fans’ favorite Superman villain Lobo in the potential Man of Steel 2. But the director has insisted no one is in the loop over the 10-year plan except DC Studios’ CEOs. 

While Gunn has had a busy week with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, the director has still managed to clarify DC fans’ queries regarding the DCU. One such person asked The Suicide Squad helmer if he and Safran plan to bring DC characters through TV shows while also adding to the story for the DCEU. 

James Gunn teases revealing DC Bible plans before SDCC 2023

James Gunn outright assured saying, “Yes, most definitely, the DCU will be connected across film and TV (and animation).” Readers can check it out below. In addition, he was also asked if he will also have control over DC Comics. While he hopes the upcoming DC Films help in improving the sales for the comics industry, Gunn revealed they have no oversight over that department. 

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since earlier execs in charge of the DC live-action franchise had helped sow the idea of fleshing out characters introduced in movies through TV shows. In fact, Gunn’s Peacemaker series succeeded in that mission and was one of the most-watched shows on HBO Max. And speaking of success, DC has long strived in animation and the ongoing Harley Quinn series has managed to ride high among Batman fans and even featured a cameo of Gunn. 

So the DC Studios co-CEO’s interest to flesh out DCU’s storytelling through multiple mediums could be the game-changer that DCEU has lacked since its inception. Moreover, it could also help WBD’s streaming platform gain more subscribers through its interconnected plan, just like the mouse house has monetized the MCU to attract more users for the Disney Plus streaming service. 

It’s unclear exactly when James Gunn could unveil their new set of plans from the DC Bible. But he teased a fan by tweeting, “I’d find it surprising if you didn’t hear at least a little more before [SDCC 2023] then”. So perhaps the wait might not be as long as many have anticipated. Nonetheless, it’s shaping up to be an interesting turn of events for the DC Extended Universe.




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