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DCEU fans are disappointed over canceled Batman Beyond movie exploring Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman romance with Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight

DCEU fans are disappointed over canceled Batman Beyond movie exploring Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman romance with Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight

With James Gunn’s DC Studios heading forward with a new DCU slate, details on canceled DC Film projects have begun surfacing and a Batman Beyond project is one of them. In fact, the story not only featured a younger Terry McGennis as the caped crusader but an older Dark Knight portrayed by Michael Keaton, mentoring him. Though latest reports revealing that a veteran Bruce Wayne would have had a spark with Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman has drawn more support from fans as well as disappointment over its cancellation.

Lately, discussions among DC film fans have been all about “what could’ve been” as the CEOs overseeing the DC multimedia division are scrubbing the in-development projects at Warner Bros. Pictures to make way for the 10-year DC Bible design. Unfortunately, a spin-off from The Flash featuring the burtonverse Batman with McGennis under his wing was axed just weeks after Gunn and Peter Safran took on their duties. 

Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson was penning a script and her pitch even “had executives excited” as THR’s Heatvision noted.  So what aspect of the story could have had WBs execs interested in the project? It’s likely the romance element between Keaton’s Bruce Wayne and Pfeiffer’s Selina Kyle. 

DCEU fans want James Gunn to revive Batman Beyond movie exploring Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman romance with older Bruce Wayne

While many DCEU fans were not in support of the idea of an older Batman taking over as the main version in DC Extended Universe – there has been a considerable amount of support for a Batman Beyond project as an Elseworld title, similar to Matt Reeves’ Batman universe and Todd Phillips’ Joker. Still, many are hoping Gunn considers greenlighting the DC Film, though,  It should be noted that Michelle Pfeiffer was not contacted to reprise the Catwoman role so a deal was not in place. But that isn’t stopping fans from sharing their frustrations – as can be seen in the reactions below. 

It’s possible that the execs that greenlit the Batman Beyond movie were Micheal De Luca and Pamela Abdy since the two WB chairpersons are still involved in the decision-making process as the duo was recently faced with a hard choice over Wonder Woman 3. So perhaps there’s still a glimmer of hope considering Gunn could explore some of the leftover ideas with his own storytelling twist. 

Earlier last week, Terry McGennis’ Bat made news when Batgirl director Adil El Arbi shared a cryptic post featuring the futuristic version of Batman. The helmer also shared his desire to direct such a project though believes it can be explored only after the conclusion of Reevesverse. 

WBD boss David Zaslav has made his intentions clear on the DC franchise not entertaining multiple iterations of Batman in the future. So it remains to be seen if a Logan-style one-off could be considered by the DC Studios chiefs. Stay tuned for more updates on the DC Universe. 




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