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DCEU fans react to Black Adam post-credits video leak, Henry Cavill’s Superman faces Dwayne Johnson’s Teth-Adam, details

DCEU fans react to Black Adam post-credits video leak, Henry Cavill’s Superman faces Dwayne Johnson’s Teth-Adam, details

Watch out DC fans, a leaked video from one of Black Adam’s early screenings confirms Superman (Henry Cavill) meets Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) in the post-credits scene. Moreover, the Man of Steel is wearing a vibrant new suit though similar to Zack Snyder’s original red caped costume design. The standalone feature will see Johnson’s Mighty Adam in Kahndaq along with the JSA to face another menacing villain known as Sabbac. 

With the Black Adam global premiere event in NYC wrapped up, critics are already sharing their reactions to the DCEU film with many calling it a crowd-pleaser. But the biggest selling point of Johnson’s entry flick is the post-credits scene and turns out, all the rumors were true as Superman appears to confront Teth-Adam. 

The clip shows Superman slowly coming out through a mist of smoke and utters, “it’s been a while since someone’s made the world this nervous” to Black Adam as audiences scream in excitement. It’s unclear if the track that plays during the credits is John Williams’ theme or Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack. Readers can check the video below. The clip has many Snyderverse fans and the larger DCEU fandom enthusiastically sharing their reactions on social media.

Superman fans are echoing The Rock’s message “Welcome back” for Henry on social media

It should be noted that insider Mytimetoshinehello was the first to report the details related to the Superman post-credits scene. To add more context to the scene, Black Adam is initially asked by Amanda Waller to remain in Kahndaq as that is his prison. But the anti-hero counters it by asking her “or what” and continues to state there’s no force on this planet capable of stopping him. Amanda then responds she will find an entity not from this planet to stop him.

Johnson spoke to Comicbook’s Brandon Davis at the red carpet and addressed the possibility of a Black Adam vs. Superman in a future DC film. From the looks of it, the actor does not intend on going with that approach immediately, “We can’t go right there right away.”

The Rock has continued to amp up audiences’ expectations for the Man of Steel with cryptic hints during the Black Adam press tour. Recently, Johnson emphasized the need to bring Superman to the frontline after sidelining the character for too long. Moreover, there even remain rumors that the star has pitched a big event DC film where Black Adam fights the Justice League as well as The Suicide Squad. 

Black Adam arrives in theaters on October 21.




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