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DCEU fans react to Henry Cavill exiting Superman to play another DCU character, James Gunn’s 2023 DC Bible slate, Snyderverse stans are disappointed

DCEU fans react to Henry Cavill exiting Superman to play another DCU character, James Gunn’s 2023 DC Bible slate, Snyderverse stans are disappointed

It’s the end of an era for DCEU fans & Snyderverse followers as James Gunn confirmed Henry Cavill will not play Superman in the upcoming DCU slate. The sad news was also echoed by the Man of Steel actor on Instagram, revealing he won’t return whilst acknowledging his announcement in October following the Black Adam post-credits scene cameo. Since news broke, DC Film fans have amplified their voices on social media, sharing their frustration over the end of Zack Snyder’s DC Film arc while others remain optimistic for the 2023 slate.  

The rebooting of DC Extended Universe has been confirmed with James Gunn’s latest tweets addressing the upcoming DC slate which will kick off a fresh narrative with a new yet younger version of Clark Kent. The DC Studios co-CEO began by unveiling that “Peter & I have a DC slate ready to go” and information regarding their first round of DC Projects will be unpacked “at the beginning of the new year”. 

While Supe is part of the DCU slate, James Gunn stated that this retelling will focus on the “earlier part of Superman’s life” which explains Henry Cavill’s exit from the DCEU role. According to Variety’s sources, Gunn and Safran’s meeting with Cavill ended on a fruitful note as they “are all energized” to cast Henry as a different character from the DC Universe. This comes after WB execs were well into developing a Man of Steel 2 project with Charles Roven producing but those plans were put on hold with the hiring of DC Studios’ heads. 

Snyderverse fans share their frustration over Henry Cavill’s forced exit from the Superman role

Meanwhile, the new Superman movie is currently being penned by James Gunn. While the DC Studios chief has taken on writing duties, it’s unclear if he’ll also helm the project or find another creative to direct. The story will focus on Clark Kent’s early life as a cub reporter in Metropolis. Unlike the earlier iteration, moviegoers will see his arc begin around characters like Lois Lane rather than uncovering elements from his farm life in Smallville. 

James Gunn replacing Supe has not sat well with Snyderverse stans with a wave of support going out to the Man of Steel actor for his dedication to the DC Film role. Many were heartbroken talking about Henry Cavill’s commitment to the DC franchise since he exited The Witcher, which was seen as a decision to prioritize his time for the superhero genre. Readers can check out reactions below.  


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What’s next for the remaining heroes from DCEU in James Gunn’s DC Bible  

Even with the recent round of DCU slate updates – there still remains a lot of mystery surrounding the 10-year plan. Will Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, John Cena’s Peacemaker and the characters introduced in Gunn’s The Suicide Squad survive this revamp? If so, will that apply to Zachary Levi’s Shazam as well? A franchise set out with producer Safran’s involvement. Speaking of Whom, the Shazam 2 actor was one of the few to respond to Cavill’s post saying, “Hope to catch you in another universe, sir.” Let’s hope to two still have a home in DC after all the overhaul. 

The curtains are down for Ben Affleck’s Batman as well but the actor cum director has discussed helming a potential DC Film project though they are yet to zero in on the character. While the future seems bright, it sadly begins with the burial of the existing Justice League heroes. 

What did you think of Cavill’s run coming to an end? Let us know in the comments below. Readers can also hit up our writer @RAKarthikPrasad on Twitter to discuss all things DCU and comic book movies. 




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