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DCEU fans react to James Gunn’s new role as CEO of DC Studios

DCEU fans react to James Gunn’s new role as CEO of DC Studios

WBD have found their DC Studios CEO in James Gunn and Peter Safran. The unexpected announcement has DCEU fans intrigued over potential plans The Suicide Squad director & Aquaman producer have in store for DC Films, TV projects like Peacemaker and animation titles like the Harley Quinn series. Since the news broke, Biz experts and hardcore DC Universe fans have showered praises along with their opinion on social media. 

The CBM community is still shocked by the new Kevin Feige-Esque heads hired to handle the DC division at Warner Bros. Discovery. Gunn and Safran will officially begin their jobs at the studio as co-CEOs starting on November 1, as The Wrap confirmed. But the duo will be answering to David Zaslav while also working with co-chairpersons Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy

Gunn responded to the announcement with a tweet, “Accurate. So pleased to be here.” The larger DC Extended Universe supporters seem to approve of the studio’s choice since Gunn has a successful track record with live-action comic book properties thanks to his time with MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. In fact, the director shared the first trailer for GOTG Holiday Special, hours before his new DC film role was announced.

In the case of Safran, aside from the producer’s achievement with 2018’s Aquaman, which became the first DCEU title to earn $1 billion – the executive has heralded several horror titles for New Line, from The Conjuring franchise to the Annabelle series & more. Moreover, Safran also produced Shazam! and the upcoming Shazam! Fury of the Gods, there’s no doubt the veteran can handle operations as smoothly as the last regime and perhaps even better. But here’s what the internet has to say, readers can check it out below.

It should be noted, unlike Marvel Studios where Feige handles all – James Gunn’s responsibilities as DC Studios CEO ends with the “creative side of things” while Safran will handle the “business and production side”, as THR notes.

There are still business decisions that are yet to be determined for Warner Bros. Films’ DC Studio, the brand which will comprise all things film, TV and animation. It’s also being told the term ‘DCEU’ will be cut short to just ‘DCU’. But those are the least of worries, the live-action side of DC also has Elseworld-style universes that operate on their own, like Todd PhilipsJoker: Folie à deux. But THR says this will be overseen by de Luca and Abdy. It’s unclear if the same would apply to Matt ReevesThe Batman universe. 

The future is bright for James Gunn with his four-year exclusive deal. Some are speculating the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 helmer’s relationship with Feige even opens up the possibility of a DC and Marvel crossover. But for now, with Superman’s return, some are convinced the old days of DC vs. Marvel is back on. Let’s hope so.




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