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DCEU News: Justice League Screen Time Details And New Footage, Aquaman Concept Art And More

DCEU News: Justice League Screen Time Details And New Footage, Aquaman Concept Art And More

Warner Bros. has met fans expectations with its announcement and promo releases for Justice League, Wonder Woman and Aquaman at Cinemacon. Moreover, the entire cast including Ben Affleck but excluding Gal Gadot was present during the studio’s presentation. However, Gadot made up for it as a video message from the actress was played during the event.

Momoa took the stage and shared his love for the upcoming Justice League. The actor also had his own compliments, calling it the “greatest movie in the world.” Later, he revealed he’ll be traveling to Australia for the filming of Aquaman. Furthermore, fans also got to take a look at concept arts from the movie.

Director Patty Jenkins and star Chris Pine were next in taking the podium. Fans also got to witness new Wonder Woman footages from the Alleyway scene we got to see in the earlier trailer and a conversation scene between Diana Prince and Steve Trevor during their travel to London on a boat.

As expected, Warner Bros. ended the presentation by bringing the entire cast of Justice League and director Zack Snyder on stage. An extended version of the recently released trailer was screened for the audience. Furthermore, The Hollywood Reporter has also shared a description of the new footage played during the event.

THR was present throughout the presentation. Fans can click the following (Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Justice League) to read the descriptions on the footages and images revealed at Cinemacon.

In other news, IMDb recently updated the screen time details for Justice League. It has been revealed that the movie will have a screen time of 2hr 50 min (170 min). The movie is all set to break a record as the longest superhero movie ever released in theaters (theatrical cut).

UPDATE: The Wrap has shared a new report which says Justice League is not timed at 2hr 50 mins, according to their source. we will update as we know more.

What do you think about the screen time closing in at 3hours? Let me know in the comments below. For more updates on DCEU and Justice League, follow Pursue News on Facebook. Readers can also follow me on Twitter for the latest scoops.




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