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DCEU’s Jon Berg Responds To The Batman Movies Rumor In 2019, Shatters It In Style

DCEU’s Jon Berg Responds To The Batman Movies Rumor In 2019, Shatters It In Style

Last week, many DCEU fans were misled by a rumor posted on 4Chan and Reddit that said Warner Bros. was going to release four Batman movies in 2019. As absurd as it sounds, the news continued to circulate on social media till today.

DCEU’s Jon Berg took it to twitter to put an end to the Batman rumor with a hilarious tweet. He also pulled in Geoff Johns who hasn’t responded yet. Fans can check it out below.

This isn’t the first time Berg took it upon himself to put out the fire. Last month, he also shattered a rumor that stated Justice League was three hours long. Zack Snyder also jumped in and sent a hilarious tweet mocking the fake news.

The DCEU rumor posted on 4chan and Reddit contained other DC movie news related to upcoming projects. however, Berg’s tweet seems to put an end to the entire list of rumor.

At present, we know that The Batman project is in safe hands with Director Matt Reeves. The standalone movie was earlier expected to release in 2018. However, Warner Bros. hasn’t begun its production yet. It is likely that the studio would reschedule its official release date.

For fans that aren’t aware, Jon Berg and Geoff Johns are primarily look over DCEU and look into its upcoming projects. If Berg isn’t aware of the news, then fans can rest assured that the studio hasn’t made such drastic move yet.

In other DCEU News, Earlier today The Lego Batman Movie broke the 300 mark at the box office worldwide. According to Box office Mojo, the movie’s total lifetime gross is currently estimated at $301 million.

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