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Aquaman 2, James Wan, Ben Affleck's Batman

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DCU fans & critics react to Aquaman 2’s potential delay due to SAG strike, third reshoots and James Gunn removing Ben Affleck’s Batman scenes: ‘James Wan deserves better’

DCU fans & critics react to Aquaman 2’s potential delay due to SAG strike, third reshoots and James Gunn removing Ben Affleck’s Batman scenes: ‘James Wan deserves better’

With a likely release date delay – DCU fans feel Aquaman 2 could turn into another expensive fiasco for Warner Bros. Discovery as its third round of reshoots raises concerns, even for a potential blockbuster that rides on the success of the first film which earned $1.1 billion. But aside from fear over the repeated additional photography – a part of the fandom (DCEU followers) are irked by DC Studios chiefs James Gunn & Peter Safran‘s decision to remove Ben Affleck‘s Batman cameo.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has faced quite the hurdles putting it in the same boat as The Flash. While director James Wan, the sequel stars Jason Momoa & Patrick Wilson managed to complete the third round of reshoots before the SAG strike in mid-June, as THR reports. The sequel may still fall victim to the Actors’ strike as a new report from Variety indicates WB is seriously considering changing Aquaman 2’s premiere date along with Dune 2.

AMPTP has not shown any indication of returning to the bargaining table so far so it remains unclear if the SAG-AFTRA strike could end before Aquaman 2’s release on December 20. Although Warner Bros. Pictures have shown confidence in the second installment – the film’s studio interferences have severely affected its early reception from the fandom.

The behind-the-scenes changes for the Lost Kingdom have been a convoluted mess since the early regime under Hamada decided to replace Batfleck with Michael Keaton‘s Dark Knight. But due to a release date change that put The Flash’s premiere ahead of the latter – WB brought back Ben Affleck’s Batman to shoot a new sequence in the place of Keaton, a decision apparently prompted due to reactions during the test audience screening.

With Aquaman 2 once again securing a release set after The Flash movie’s events – fans long wondered if the DCU chief may replace Batfleck with George Clooney. However, THR states the DC Studios CEOs decided to remove Affleck’s appearance since they do not intend to make a promise of a “movie universe” they cannot fulfill “nor tie it down excessively to past failures.”

Some fans argued it is the right call or the sequel risks repeating “a Black Adam type scenario all over again” as user @lesbobomb tweeted. Black Adam‘s post-credits scene teased Henry Cavill’s Superman but that never came to fruition after James Gunn took over the franchise and replaced the Man of Steel actor with David Corenswet.

Even so, James Gunn critics countered that the DCU chief included George Clooney‘s Bruce Wayne cameo in The Flash although “that’s never going to be expanded on” wrote @DumbEd11 in a tweet. On the bright side, there will be no Batman though there is no word yet if any other DCEU characters could appear – presumably Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman?

The masses are mainly hoping Warner Bros. does not push back The Lost Kingdom especially since the sequel was originally scheduled for December 2022. A pushback would schedule its premiere for 2023 and may risk further eliminating anticipation.

Reports suggest production costs have skyrocketed since the initial scheduled budget was set at a pricey $205 million. Earlier in February, it was reported that James Wan was instructed to minimize the reshoot costs. WB’s trust in the Jason Momoa starrer DC film stems from the first film’s success though it currently faces a similar backlash as The Flash for course correction decisions by DCU chiefs.

Should WB delay Aquaman 2? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates on DCU & all things CBM.




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