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DCU & MCU fans discuss Black Adam & Black Panther 2 box office earnings

DCU & MCU fans discuss Black Adam & Black Panther 2 box office earnings

Raking in $330 million, Black Panther 2 has had a roaring opening weekend at the box office worldwide and while DC’s Black Adam has managed to hold its ground, the Dwayne Johnson starrer feature film’s earnings already pale in comparison to the Ryan Coogler helmed MCU sequel. In fact, The Rock also praised the Wakanda Forever cast for the movie’s huge success but the comic book movie community is more interested in discussing the two film’s financial gains from their theater run.

With the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the question of Marvel vs. DC rivalry has popped up in social media dissent, again. However, based on the stats, there seems to be no competition between the two studios since DCU’s current performance among moviegoers is nowhere as big as Marvel Studios’ MCU movies. And any doubts over statements like the above can be shattered by looking at Black Panther 2 and Black Adam.

In a matter of a month, The Rock’s first entry DC Film, Black Adam has globally earned $352 million. But Black Panther 2 has become the biggest movie ever to open in November after pulling in $180 million domestically, as predicted and $150M internationally after a three-day run, as Deadline reports. Many Marvel fans pointed out that Johnson, a star whose movies are known for attracting audiences of all ages has been dominated by the Black Panther sequel which features Letitia Wright in the titular role, a little-known actress. Readers can check out reactions below.

Marvel Studios has grown into a behemoth over the year and although the DCEU has had a strong fan following online, the fandom hasn’t helped grow the box office numbers, largely due to the pandemic being a hurdle for movies like 2021’s The Suicide Squad. But the new regime’s leader, David Zaslav understands the reality of business. The WBD CEO also acknowledged in a recent podcast interview that “When you compare DC to Marvel, Marvel is seven, eight, nine times bigger”.

The new leadership at WBD is hoping to bank on the DCU’s trinity characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman which explains their commitment to making a Man of Steel 2 with Henry Cavill. However, with the hiring of James Gunn to lead DC Studios, the director along with veteran producer Peter Safran is already mapping out a 10-year plan for DCU brand stretched across Film, TV and animation. But where does this leave the Black Adam franchise as well as the JSA? It’s unclear at the moment. 

Meanwhile, Black Panther 2 looks to enter the $1 billion club but can it surpass the first film’s earnings? That remains to be seen, especially since a section of fans are campaigning to Recast T’Challa after their disappointment in the explanation offered in the movie for the Wakandan King’s untimely death. 

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is currently running in theaters worldwide.




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