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‘DCU is starting fresh’: DCEU fans react to Wonder Woman 3 canceled news, Man of Steel 2 possibly shut down, Jason Momoa as Lobo & more on James Gunn’s DC Studios’ shape up

‘DCU is starting fresh’: DCEU fans react to Wonder Woman 3 canceled news, Man of Steel 2 possibly shut down, Jason Momoa as Lobo & more on James Gunn’s DC Studios’ shape up

From DCEU to DCU, James Gunn’s rebranded universe could mean the end for Snyderverse with the latest shocking reports stating Wonder Woman 3 has been canceled. The same could apply to Man of Steel 2 as Henry Cavill’s Superman may also not be a part of the DC Studios’ future plans. Moreover, it seems Aquaman star Jason Momoa could take on a new anti-villain role as Lobo from the Superman franchise. The shake-up has DC Film fans worried that the 10-year-plan would begin with a reboot after 2023’s The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

It’s looking increasingly likely the DC Extended Universe’s curtain-call moment is just weeks away from a public announcement. In recent weeks, It’s been well-known among the fandom that Gunn’s DC Bible would not limit itself to narrow storytelling that prioritizes A-listers like DC’s trinity and the Justice League ensemble, but would also throw the spotlight on obscure characters like Deadman, Gorilla Grodd and other well-known B-class superheroes and villains. 

UPDATE: A report from The Wrap & Deadline reveals Patty Jenkins walked away from the project due to creative differences over Wonder Woman 3 script

Unfortunately, this new live-action design courtesy of James Gunn may require a reboot altogether which means possibly bidding farewell to Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, or at least to the DC Universe character they have played in the world built out by Zack Snyder

Wonder Woman 3 is not part of DCU plans & Man of Steel 2 could fall victim to the possible reboot

Going by THR’s report, Gunn and DC Studios’ co-CEO Peter Safran could present their DC Bible plan to WBD’s CEO David Zaslav in the upcoming week. Although their ideas for the DC division are still in wraps, the new DC Studios chief along with Warner Bros. films co-chairperson Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy have informed Patty Jenkins that Wonder Woman 3 will not be greenlighted as it does not fall under the new DC roadmap.  

Sadly the same treatment could be in store for Superman as the Hollywood Reporter notes that Man of Steel 2 is currently not in the conversation even though the studio was actively searching for a writer with Charles Roven set to produce

Aquaman 2 could be the nail in the coffin for the Snyderverse as studio insiders indicate Momoa is hanging up his king of Atlantis costume to don a biker outfit riding the Spacehog as DC’s intergalactic bounty hunter. 

Andy Muschietti’s The Flash movie would determine the forthcoming universe as the speedster flick, at the moment, remains unlocked. Henry Cavill had shot a Superman cameo but apparently, studio execs are debating over including the scene since there is a possibility the movie could mislead moviegoers if Gunn and Safran’s DC Bible has no intention of pursuing Cavill as the upcoming rebooted universe’s last son of Krypton. 

Rebooted DCU to replace Aquaman 2 star as Lobo?

While fans have largely been in support of the new DC Film chief, many have been taken aback by his possible intentions to replace Henry Cavill’s Superman and the axing of Wonder Woman 3. Nonetheless, there also remain a few that are hopeful as a section of DC fans have campaigned for a full reboot – to allow the future plan to proceed with a clean slate. Readers can check out reactions below. 

The radio silence from James Gunn to Black Adam coupled with no statement from Dwayne Johnson regarding The Suicide Squad director’s new responsibility over the franchise hinted the two creatives had different plans that may not have aligned. It seems the new execs of the division are not “endearing” of The Rock’s plans for Black Adam and Superman. Speaking of, a Black Adam sequel and a JSA spin-off for Hawkman is not on the menu for development at the moment and the first film’s box office earnings may have a played role as well. 

The big question among fans is where does this leave Blue Beetle? Could it be the first title to exist outside the DCEU? It’s unclear at the moment and the future of Sasha Calle’s Supergirl also falls into the same limbo.  For now, Readers are advised to take the above news with a big grain of salt as the DC Studios shake-up is a developing story until James Gunn and Peter Safran unveil their DCU roadmap. 




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