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Deadpool 2 Concept Art Shows A Bulkier Cable With More Futuristic Weapons

Screenshot from Deadpool, Meet Cable new trailer - YouTube

Deadpool 2 Concept Art Shows A Bulkier Cable With More Futuristic Weapons

Deadpool 2 concept artist Alexander Lozano has shared the original look designed for Cable which was intended to be used in Tim Miller’s version of the film.

After directing the 2016 original Deadpool film, Miller was again called on direct Deadpool 2. But, he left the project early on due to major creative differences. He was rumored to cast Kyle Chandler for the role of Cable. Notably after Miller’s exit, the project went into the hands of John Wick director David Leitch who ultimately saw his time-traveling mutant in Josh Brolin.

Lozano shared three different designs for Cable on Instagram and ArtStation. The designs show the metal-armed mutant sporting a bulkier appearance, holding a more futuristic weapon in hand.

CABLE!…character design for the Tim Miller version of Deadpool 2 (3/5)….wished they would have gone with a more futuristic weapon but at least the poncho stayed,” wrote the Deadpool 2 character designer in the caption. You can check out the concept art below.

Lozano also recently shared original designs for Domino and Juggernaut that were created before Miller’s exit from the film.

Late last month, Deadpool 2 makeup artist Bill Corso shared a couple of pictures showcasing a 3D prop that was created for Cable’s metal arm, depicting his diseased-looking skin. The 3D prop designs were quite different than the final design that was used in the film.

Brolin will next reunite with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool spinoff movie, X-Force. X-Force is currently in development under writer-director Drew Goddard. It is already confirmed that Deadpool, Cable, and Domino will make a return in X-Force. The film will explore a team of mutants that act as a black ops unit. The movie does not have a release date attached yet.

Deadpool 2: The Super Duper Cut is currently available on digital HD and will hit Blu-ray and DVD on Aug. 21.

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